Central Division MVP: San Marino’s Carson Glazier

San Marino's Carson Glazier

San Marino’s Carson Glazier

The lure is to talk about Carson Glazier’s career but instead we’re just going to focus on 2015.

So it starts with 47 touchdown passes, just three interceptions, goes to 4,119 yards through the air, and ends with a 15-0 record as a starter.

We were asked if Glazier’s teammate J.P. Shohfi was going to be MVP and we said no. You see before Shohfi could do his thing, Glazier had to take the snap, read the field, and deliver the ball. If you think it was all about getting the ball to Shohfi then take a look at the numbers of the Titans “other” wide receiver Aiden Santino.

Glazier was a decision maker.

Well, then the argument came that maybe Glazier should have been named Player of The Year. Good argument but the one game San Marino lost in 2015 was the one game Glazier didn’t play in. The state championship game.

The system helped, the talent around him helped, but Glazier’s greatest asset might not be his left arm…but his brain and the decisions he makes with it.
Offensive Coordinators 
Southeast: Erik Meyer- La Mirada
Central: Mike Hobbie- San Marino
Mid-Valley: Mark Serve – Sierra Canyon

Defensive Coordinators  
Southeast: Lance Fauria – Cathedral
Central: Nick Moreno – Chino Hills
Mid-Valley: Danny Lopez – San Dimas

Head Coaches
Southeast: Mike Moschetti- La Mirada
Central: Mike Hobbie- San Marino
Mid-Valley: Jon Ellinghouse- Sierra Canyon

Southeast: Sei-j Lauago – La Mirada
Central: Carson Glazier— San Marino

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