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Fanview Lite: February 27, 2012

Kick it! Last Add Luke Marquardt: “His first game at offensive tackle was in my first season as offensive coordinator,” said APU OC Rudy Carlton. “We scored on a long touchdown pass but it was called back because Luke was eight yards downfield when the pass was thrown.”

The TEN: 11/3/2011

(“The Ten” is not a top ten, but ten items worth being included in The TEN)

Fanview Lite: September 22, 2011

Good Afternoon! Note to View: If you want to shut up the critics…it shouldn’t be close tonight against Hoover.

“The Mid Valley Classic”: History of the Game: Arroyo vs. Temple City

—First of Three Parts: History of the Game (Tues.), By the Numbers (Weds.), and Stars & Plays (Thurs.)— (What is now called the “Mid Valley Classic” started way back when these schools were young, 1956, and very slowly turned into one of the best opening night features around. What follows is a recap of every […]

The TEN: 8/26/11

(“The Ten” is not a top ten, but ten items worth being included in The TEN)

Fanview Lite: July 11, 2011

  Good Morning! You know how they say; “You don’t sell the steak, you sell the sizzle…”

Fanview Lite: July 7, 2011

Good Afternoon! I always considered the late Armen Gilliam a bit of an NBA bust…When you go second overall there is a certain expectation…but at UNLV, he was the inside guy (The Hammer) Tarkanian needed to get to the Final Four…Great player for the Rebs…Sorry to see him go…

Fanview Lite: June 27, 2011

Good Afternoon! Really? Do we really have to get this uptight about the Hall of Fame game? Bigger fish by far…It’s an exhibition game (AKA: Major Yawning Festival)…

Aguilar Returns to Rowland, Arroyo Hires Salmon

“Long term it hurts us, short term we’re going to be okay,” says Arroyo HC Jim Singiser with the departure of Felipe Aguilar back to Rowland and bringing on of Dominic Salmon.

Fanview Lite: June 13, 2011

Good Afternoon! Have to be honest, I enjoyed the NBA this last week more than anytime in the last 20-plus years…It was great…