Fanview Lite: June 1, 2011

No resemblance at all...

Good Afternoon!

Oh, I’ve always been a Matt Kemp fan…

I didn’t know Jim Carrey was coaching the Dallas Mavericks?

Heard news about this a week ago, but in the end I am sorry to see Mike Gorball out as HC of the Arroyo Lady Knights basketball team…His record shines on its own, personally my last conversation with him was a pleasant one…My first conversation ten years ago began with him screaming at me through a phone when I told him his playoff game with Arcadia had been changed to a playoff game with Mira Costa.

After that it was “Hey Dude, what’s up, how’s the pasta at Lamp Post?”

Last Add NBA Finals: Lebron James is a great basketball player…but there is something disturbing about a guy with his skills and size moving further from the basket to get his points and not closer…He’s developed the three-point bomb, but where is the post up game? I only ask because he’s the greatest ever…right?

“Things are great and going well,” says El Monte HC Joel Sanchez, who has just a tick under a 100 players out this spring. “A lot of these kids have put on some noticeable muscle. Ruben Jimenez will be solid again this year and is ready to challenge for the running back position this season. Only thing is these guys don’t know how good they have it. This weather is nice and last week it was overcast.”

Last Add El Monte: Looking ahead to 2012…Keep an eye on quarterback Brandon Martinez, who should take over after Manuel Santa Cruz graduates. His arm literally smokes…

Really Last Add NBA Finals: Pat Riley wasn’t really sleeping last night, I was after the first quarter, but I’m sure he wasn’t bored after watching the greatest player on the planet.

Okay Really Last Add NBA Finals: Was last night the first time Dallas missed an open shot during the playoffs? Those guys have been hitting everything…Last Maverick to miss an open look before game one against the Heat was Sam Perkins…Circa 1988…

Did I pick San Dimas to win CIF on the show last night? If I did it was because I was stuck with Peterson, but I don’t think I did. All I said was you shouldn’t overlook the Saints…No one right now is talking about them, and I don’t think anyone should overlook them.

Covina is the star…Pomona is being whispered about…and San Dimas seems forgotten…Coach Z & Ztaff are too innovative to be consigned as non-contenders in June…(Coach I wear a double X)

If they are 4-6 come November, I’ll slither off the bandwagon…Won’t be the first time…Or my last…

The Dude abides…


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