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The Peterson Principle: 5/6/2023

By Tim Peterson I’m still waiting for the official new head football coach announcement by a local school. It’s not a bombshell or earth-shattering news by any stretch. The fate of the world doesn’t hang in the balance. Heck, a lot of people won’t even care.

The Peterson Principle: 4/19/2023

By Tim Peterson I understand the premise of not releasing a new coaching hire until it’s official. “It’s pending board approval and we still have to tell the kids and do the background checks” is the common mantra that I hear from sources (Athletic Directors, coaches or otherwise) when I’m informed a new head football […]

The Peterson Principle: 1/25/2023

By Tim Peterson Baldwin Park will announce its new head football coach this week. This is a recording.

The Peterson Principle: 8/24/2022

By Tim Peterson How do you turn the ball over six times and win? Well when the opponent coughs it up four times as well you have a pretty good shot.

The Peterson Principle: 7/31/2022

By Tim Peterson I’m watching the Dodgers game Sunday and first James Outman, in his first major league at bat, hits a two-run home run for the Dodgers. Then Brian Serven, who I covered when he played at Temple City National Little League about 17 years ago, goes deep for the Rockies. Pretty cool.

The Peterson Principle: 7/14/2022

By Tim Peterson There has been a lot of talk about who is the best team in the area now that all of the summer passing tournaments are in the books. I’m not going to bust out a Top Ten just yet but if Pasadena isn’t somewhere in your Top 3 then you better think […]

The Peterson Principle: 4/30/2022

By Tim Peterson If nothing else it was unique. While the experts looked at the 2022 NFL draft as the least talented group of players in years that’s actually what made it more intriguing.

The Peterson Principle: 4/5/2022

By Tim Peterson It all starts in March bursting out of the gate. Tune into TNT, TBS, TRU TV or CBS and don’t be late.

The Peterson Principle: 3/24/2022

By Tim Peterson Talk about March Madness! This is the Maddest March ever. The NCAA Tournament and the baseball lockout delaying the off season hot stove league combined with the football trades blowing up and the news never stops. Which of course brings me back to my favorite topic, in season or not, High School […]

The Peterson Principle: 2/17/2022

By Tim Peterson I purposely didn’t pick a Super Bowl winner in print. I’ll leave that to the coaches. But the truth is I did like the Rams by three. The problem was so did Vegas. So of course as a Ram fan, I didn’t want to bet on the Bengals and take the 4 […]