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The Peterson Principle: 9/30/2020

By Tim Peterson Love or hate the best of three game Wild Card Series in the first round of the baseball playoffs, you have to admit one thing. It’s definitely entertaining.

The Peterson Principle: 9/13/2020

By Tim Peterson We went from not having any sports two months ago to Saturday where I could barely keep up. The remote was always on hand with college football, baseball and the NBA playoffs all in full force. The US Open Final was on as well if that’s your idea of a good time.

The Peterson Principle: 8/15/2020

By Tim Peterson Some quick hot takes for a 110 degree Saturday afternoon: I just watched a full NBA game for the first time since the restart. Sorry, just more of a baseball guy these days. But I believe the Lakers may be in trouble.

The Peterson Principle: 7/29/2020

By Tim Peterson Dodger pitcher Joe Kelly is suspended for eight games and Manager Dave Roberts is suspended for one, and the Astros who cheated their way to a World Series title in 2017 get nada. The upside-down, topsy turvy year of 2020 continues.

The Peterson Principle: 7/13/2020

By Tim Peterson I’m writing this column on my mobile device because my laptop took a dump. Why, of course it did. It’s 2020.

The Peterson Principle: 6/21/2020

By Tim Peterson Anybody else forget that the Dodgers acquired Mookie Betts? I saw a headline the other day that reminded me that yes, he was indeed a Dodger.

The Peterson Principle: 4/18/2020

By Tim Peterson The narrative was that Kobe Bryant had a bad game in Game 7 of the 2010 NBA Finals against Boston, that the Lakers won in spite of him. Take another look. Despite a less than stellar shooting night, he led the team in scoring with 23 points, and pulled down 15 rebounds.

The Peterson Principle: 4/7/2020

By Tim Peterson While waiting in line outside of Ralphs at 7:00 o’clock in the morning in my quest for hand sanitizer and toilet paper I was thinking didn’t Kobe Bryant pass away about a year ago?

The Peterson Principle: 1/20/2020

By Tim Peterson I’m really trying to get into basketball here…really trying. But the pull of football is just so strong.

The Peterson Principle: 1/01/2020

By Tim Peterson It’s not really too late for USC to fire Clay Helton. Mike Bohn, the Athletic Director, simply needs to say “I changed my mind.”