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Chalk Talk: Executing the Spot Route

By Peter Gonzalez “Executing the Spot Route” Peter Gonzalez, (son of Montebello HC Pete Gonzalez) is the offensive coordinator at Montebello.

Chalk Talk: Making the Defense Wrong Every Time

Vinny Lopez is currently at the head coach at Pacifica High School. He was also the head coach at El Rancho from 2011 – 2014. He led the Dons to a Del Rio League title in 2014. By Vinny Lopez Make the Defense Wrong Every Time

Chalk Talk: “Cover 2 Zone”

By Jacob Ochoa Jacob Ochoa has been the defensive coordinator at Alhambra and also coached the defensive backs at Glendale JC. He is currently the DB coach at Monrovia under new head coach Jerry Chou. 

Chalk Talk: Mistakes In Running No-Huddle Offense

(This article was sent to us by a local coach, thought it would be an interesting read. Coach Nichols bio is at the bottom of the piece.) By Sam Nichols Installing a no-huddle offense isn’t an easy process. Most of it is learned through trial and error. Here are some problems we encountered along the […]

Chalk Talk: In Shotgun or Under Center

By Pasadena Offensive Coordinator Michael McKay There are many things to consider whether to go under tee or in shotgun formations. I will discuss a few of these factors.

Chalk Talk: The Zone Blitz

By Ted Clarke “We want to trick them with with a guy there not figuring on coming, or somebody shows up in a place you’d never expect him to be.  That’s the concept in a nutshell: you hold them by the nose, then sneak around and kick them in the tail – just like General […]

Chalk Talk: Centers

By Arroyo Assistant Kenny Andrew A quarterback’s role within a football team is very similar to that of a world leader. A quarterback is a spokesperson, a representative, an ambassador, and (more often than naught) the nucleus of the offense.

Chalk Talk: “Windows in the Passing Game”

By Pasadena Offensive Coordinator Michael McKay I believe that some of the biggest differences in the passing game, from high school to pro, is the “the throwing window”…

Chalk Talk: “Cover One”

By Montebello QB Coach Michael McKay Cover One refers to one deep safety. The safety is usually in the center of the field. The other four receivers are usually guarded by two corners (on the outside receivers) and a strong safety & an outside linebacker on the two inside receivers (an extra defensive back can […]

Chalk Talk: “The Okie” Defense

By Maranatha DC Henry Rodriguez Getting it done with speed… The Okie is a designed “attacking” defense whose purpose is to bring as much pressure, disrupt timing, force hurried throws, out man the offensive line and bring confusion to the offensive line’s blocking schemes on every snap.