Fanview Lite: March 18, 2014

Joe T.

Joe T.

“All love affairs end. Eventually the girl is gonna put curlers in her hair.”—Al McGuire

Kick it!

It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a prep football fan to recognize the times have changed.

Isn’t the time ripe for well coached power football? Isn’t the climate perfect for simple smashmouth, pulling guards, fullbacks leading, and tailbacks hitting the hole offenses? I think it is and if I was hiring a football coach today. I’d hire and commit to a young guy with a simple plan to build from the ground up. Willing to put, not a buddy, as the freshman football coach but the best technique teaching coach in the program…and then give him time.

Went into Baskin Robbins to get a single scoop of ‘Baseball Nut’ ice cream on a regular cone. Not a big ice cream guy, but it’s my favorite and look forward to it every baseball season. So I place my order and then the girl behind the counter says: “I’m sorry sir, since you are not a subscriber to Time Warner Cable, we cannot serve you ‘Baseball Nut.’”

Personally I’ve always been a CBI guy…that year Bradley won it was awesome. I remember the Braves play-by-play announcer at the end of the final game: “In a year that has been so improbable…the mediocre has happened!”

Next Add Football Offenses: I think the wide open passing we’re seeing is great, but so much is contingent on the triggerman, the quarterback. Welcome correction, but it has been my experience, in other fields, that you can train, teach, and build confidence into someone who will be placed in a decision making position. You can.

Some of them will succeed but the quicker the decisions have to be made, the more the pressure amps up, the harder the job becomes. In football we’ve all seen the guys with the big arm and Corvette features, but it is often the D-3 level guy (at least in our three divisions) under sized, and in possession of a modest cannon, that is the successful decision maker.

Like the road less traveled, decision making, makes all the difference.

I believe there is a level of decision making that just can’t be taught…This is why there are desk generals and field generals. All can make a call, many are capable of making a play, and only a few make it quickly, correctly, with a Ronnie Williams, Justin Sutton, or Julio Tena breathing on them.

Speaking of quarterbacks, who is the Oakland Raiders quarterback? They signed former Green Bay wideout James Jones to a three year $11.3-million deal. Jones is going to be thirty this year, how old will he be when they finally find a quarterback? And will he still be around when that quarterback is ready to start?

Seeing all of these pitchers needing Tommy John surgery, some of them for a second time, I’m beginning to think it won’t be long before some of these teams will be needing Tommy John himself.

Chone Figgins huh?


In regards to “The Walking Dead”: Heaven’s gate and Hell’s flames what was that Sunday night?

In regards to former MLB southpaw John Tudor: Couldn’t stand him or his attitude.

In regards to sports teams wearing green for St. Patrick’s Day: It’s stupid.

In regards to Grady Sizemore: Is he worth a fantasy pick?

In regards to Phil Jackson & the Knicks: For the first time he’s going to have to evaluate talent, not inherit it.

The Dude abides…


Deuteronomy 6: 4-9

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