Fanview: June 25, 2014

Joe T.

Joe T.

“Living with your folks, living with your folks the beginning of the end. Drab, dead yesterdays shutting out beautiful tomorrows. Hideous, stumbling footsteps creaking along the misty corridors of time…”—Captain Jeffrey T. Spaulding

Kick it!

Just for fun…without cursing mothers, fathers, coaches, sports writers, or players…just for fun if you had to pick a school out of left field to win the Mid-Valley Division which one would it be? (Understanding that San Dimas or Paraclete wouldn’t be out of left field selections)…I go with Baldwin Park.

Is an occasional Wednesday night game too much to ask for during the prep football season? How about a couple during Zero Week?

I have a call out to Alhambra,…just waiting for a response.

Did Dwyane Wade opt out yet? Because if he opted out then the Miami Heat might have something.

Wade was a great player and if he is foolish enough, at the age of 32 and a ton of mileage on his sneakers, to opt out of the 42-million he has coming to him then Pat Riley and the Heat front office should be doing cartwheels.

LeBron James has leverage here but how much money would he take to return to the Heat and how much would be left over to grab another big name free agent? James is a great player, but he’s not great enough to do it all by himself.

Is the World Cup still going on?…Not that there is anything wrong with it.

Rosemead at Northview, Thursday night of Zero Week, really intrigues me. The last time these two teams met was in 2007 and the Panthers won, at home, 35-21. I never saw two teams beat up each other like those two did that night. Vikings quarterback Oscar Robles didn’t have a great game, but I always remember the thumping he took that night and how he kept getting up.

Can some loyal MVS readers drop us a line encouraging Big George Hernandez to end his fighting career and devote what he knows about the sport to writing and reporting about it?

Because he never listens to me.

Out of left field selection for the the Northwest Division?…In a division that could turn out to be a horse race, I’m going to dance with Maranatha, Eli Snyder, Caleb Devine, and Steve Bogan.

Last Add Mead-NView 2007: Alex Chang caught a touchdown pass and returned one of his two interceptions for a touchdown. Mead rushed for only 57 yards, and those Matt Koffler teams generally had 57 yards accumulated before they got off the buss. Tra Sumler, Ceasar Chavez, and Mike Raygoza (2 sacks) all had double digit tackles. For Northview “bad dude” linebacker trio of Andrew Rodriguez, Christian Vargas, and Lionel Acosta accounted for 33 stops.

Note to APU: I thought running back Ronald Douglas was a senior last fall?

Out of left field selection to win the Central Division?…Monrovia. How fun would that be?

Second Note to APU:…If Douglas is back, get him on the field with Terrell Watson at the same time…I speak not as a “faux” expert, but as a fan.

If not the Dodgers, if not the Mets, I would really like to see Milwaukee come out on top in the National League.

Out of left field selection to win the Southeast Division?…A month ago I would have gone with Mayfair…but now my struggle is between Burbank and Muir…and I don’t know if either of those schools (final four teams a year ago) are really out of left field pics. Still when St. Franks, La Mirada, Norwalk, Cathedral, Downey, and even Dominguez are in your division any success should be surprise…

I’m going to flip a coin…heads is Bank…tails is Muir…(toss/floor/bounce)…It landed on its side! …Crescenta Valley?

In regards to the golf tournament honoring the memory of local athletic standout Hector Urias: It will be held Friday, June 27 at the Los Serranos Country Club in Chino Hills. Cost is $115.00 per golfer. For more information contact Ken Weldon at 626-705-1893.

In regards to the Muir quarterback: Is his name “Just Fine”?

In regards to the World Cup: “America’s favorite national pastime is hating soccer.”—Ann Coulter

In regards to Toronto leading the American League East: Isn’t a Blue Jays collapse due?

In regards to the cruelness of football: Isn’t it time for the Seattle Seahawks to dump Marshawn Lynch before he starts to cost them serious money?

The Dude abides…


Psalms 37: 3-4

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