The Peterson Principle: 3/7/2016

Tim Peterson

Tim Peterson

By Tim Peterson
“The start of the 2016 football season is officially here with our first 7 on 7 competition this morning,” said Arroyo assistant coach Joshua Knight on his Facebook page.
That’s right Arroyo is on the field already.
“Yes I believe for the next six weeks,” Knight said when I asked him about throwing
in March. “We’re still looking for the next #10. It should be a fun off season.”
What off season? The season ended in December, players were in the weight room by January and they’re throwing the first week of March. Such is the state of high school football.
Speaking of Arroyo and head coach Jim Singiser, he is coming back for his 14th season. Despite numerous rumors to the contrary, he isn’t leaving. He was contacted two years ago by Monrovia but didn’t actually apply. It’s safe to say he isn’t going to M-Town now.
“My plans had never changed,” Singiser said.
So where is Monrovia at? As of now they’re still interviewing. The application process closed last week and now AD Randy Bell and the administration will make their decision. Former San Dimas HC Bill Zernickow, who left to take a head coaching job in Oregon last year, has reportedly applied and will be considered for the position. We also know that Wardell Crutchfield did not apply but after that the field is pretty murky. We’re still awaiting word. Stay tuned.

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Zernickow also applied at Bonita but the Bearcats decided to go in a different direction. They have hired a coach but he hasn’t been board approved so his name has yet to be released. Former South El Monte HC Ibis Aguilar was a finalist for the position but wasn’t hired. As soon as we know, you’ll know.
Aguilar, who many people thought would end up at El Monte, has decided not to pursue that position. “The current situation there is not something I want to take on. I have a few other options I plan to explore but I’m sure I’ll be coaching somewhere,” he said.
Who lands at El Monte? Word on the street is that it will be former Keppel head coach Aaron Sepulveda but as of yet Sepulveda hasn’t confirmed.
Elsewhere, Duarte is still interviewing for a head coach to replace Travis Brown and there’s nothing new yet at Gladstone. Baldwin Park? Still waiting…
I watched my first Laker game this season from start to finish on Sunday. I don’t know what everybody’s complaining about. They beat the world champion Golden State Warriors. Go Marcelo Huertas!

That’s my principle.
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