Fanview Lite: September 12, 2011


El Monte "Bad Dude" deluxe; linebacker Ruben Jimenez

Good Afternoon!

I’ll buy Pomona, but I think the reluctance of some in doing the same is because the Red Devils were hard to catch up with over the summer…I know because I wasted several pints of gas driving to St. Paul to see a scrimmage that didn’t happen.

Still, if you’re not buying, walk softly because Pomona is gonna make some noise.

I’ve given careful consideration to this over the weekend and finalized my opinion last night: I hate fantasy football.

Oh, I’ve always been a Wolverine fan.

Hail Michigan!

This is a great stat line for Arroyo’s Hunter Duran: 37 catches, 15 touchdowns.

All right, all right, let’s not just get…you know…over Cam Newton just yet.

Note to Cowboys Fans: I think Tony Romo has hit the ceiling. He’s not going to get any better. Time to start thinking about who you want to draft next year, perhaps Clint Longley is available.

I was starting to wonder what happened to Joe McKnight.

Did I mention how I feel about fantasy football yet?

Jamie Dea should be Temple City’s fourteenth consecutive thousand yard back.

He may have had a tough moment against La Puente, but make no mistake about it we are pro El Monte linebacker Ruben Jimenez at The MID.

…And Temple City middle linebacker Chris Reed is pretty good too. I think he was a little bit excited at the start of Friday night’s game

Congratulations to South El Monte HC Ibis Aguilar who notched his first ever win in the Southmen’s 40-7 bludgeoning of Ganesha.

Bosco Tech needs to apply for admission into the Olympic League…And they better do it before La Salle does.

Bonita quarterback Tanner Diebold was suffering from back spasms this past week, which is why he didn’t get the start against Claremont.

Revival in Duarte? The Falcons are 2-0, and should be 3-0 by this time next week.

I like Monrovia against Arcadia this coming week…but I’m more anxious to see M-Town’s Anthony Craft lock up outside with Apache blur Taylor Lagace.

It took 55 years, but Arroyo finally has a one game lead on Temple City all-time 17-16.

The Knights 48 points is also the most points scored by either team in the series.

Love Thursday games.

Speaking of my disdain for fantasy football, I’m not sure after seeing the St. Louis Rams fall apart against Philadelphia if I want to remain a football fan. When Stephen Jackson and Sam Bradford go down in the same game, you know you have lived too long.

Nice bounce back for Mt. View this week. After being hammered by Alhambra in the opener the Vikes responded with a thumping of Bassett on Friday night.

Keep an eye on View’s Ignacio Castanada…he deserves all considerations going forward.

Overs and unders on Rosemead scoring 10 points or more against Montebello?

Is it possible to revive JC football?

What happened to the Atlanta Falcons?

The Dude abides…


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