Four Throw at South Pas

Muir quarterback Joshua Muema-washington definitely has arm strength.

(South Pasadena)— Muir, Alhambra, Rosemead and South Pasadena connected on Wednesday afternoon. It was casual, a little leg stretching, some defense, some passing and catching. A nice return for the Moors, evaluations for the Tigers, thoughts from Muir, and quarterback considerations by the Panthers. All should make for an interesting summer.

“We didn’t just lose a good football player,” new Muir HC John Hardy said when asked about the recently transferred Darrick Holmes to Oaks Christian. “Our school lost a really fine young man. We might miss that most.”

New Muir HC John Hardy.

On the Pacific League being wide open next fall?

“We’re going to be there when the smoke clears,” says Hardy. “We’ll be fine.”

Hardy said he expects the talented Mark Samuels, who moved to Las Vegas earlier in the year with his family, to be back this summer.

As Mustang quarterback Joshua Muema-washington (the lower case “W” is what is used on MaxPreps–welcome a correction) went back to pass, a lanky looking linebacker dropped back into coverage for Alhambra.

"There and back again..." Alhambra "Bad Dude" linebacker Nathan Quinones has returned.

“Do you see who’s back?” Said Moors HC Joe Kanach. “Nathan Quinones.” Reports were the all-everything linebacker would be transferring to Colony H.S., but instead has returned to the Moors fold.

Rosemead HC Marc "Mr. Personality" Paramo

On the other side of the field Rosemead HC Marc “Mr. Personality” Paramo had a new pair of shoes. A month ago Paramo arrived at an Arroyo toss in flip flops. Now that his feet are covered, he would like to find a quarterback out of the three auditioning for the job: Adan Guillen, Evarado Camacho, and Jesse Macias.

Marc "Mr. Personality" Paramo tells South Pasadena HC Martin Konrad where he got his new kicks.

“I got a quarterback with physical skills but no experience, one that makes plays and doesn’t make plays, and one that has the understanding but doesn’t quite have the physical tools yet,” said Paramo. “If I could merge them all together we’d be great.”

South Pasadena HC Martin Konrad.

South Pasadena is finishing things up before graduation next week and coming back later in the month. The Tigers, considered by many, to be the second best team in the Rio Hondo League are expected to make a little noise this year but HC Martin Konrad is keeping it all in perspective.

“I’m not happy with anybody right now,” he said.

This is Thomas Richetts, starting center for the Alhambra Moors...Not teammate Christian Caraveo.


"Muir has a lot of talent."--- Alhambra HC Joe Kanach.

Room was found in the Rosemead budget to buy shoes for Paramo.

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