Mid-Valley Football Daily Tracking Poll: 6/11/2012

Arroyo's Steven Rivera doing what he did in 2011 ---(photo by Andrew Butter www.peanutbuttersports.smugmug.com)

SEM jumps eight spots, M-Town increases its advantage from one to 23…so we know our audience is honest. Baldwin Park is better than anyone thinks and Peterson, all of a sudden, likes Northview. The Clete and the Canyon cannot be overlooked.

Leave us a comment, send us a tweet, message us on FB, or drop us a line through email. The more we learn about your team, the more they move up. To keep a sense of balance, because it is largely unscientific, we have weighted the teams.

1.) (6/8:#1) Monrovia Wildcats (72): How many miles per gallon does M-Town get from those SUVs that make up its offensive line?

2.) (6/8:#2) Sierra Canyon Trailblazers (49): Now that is team name “Trailblazers” that we can embrace.

3.) (6/8:#4) San Dimas Saints (41): Avila? Lambert? Who is the quarterback?

4.) (6/8:#3) Paraclete Spirits (38): The Spirits are at Burroughs on August 31st…NC17.

5.) (6/8:#6) El Monte Lions (36): Can I start talking about Abel Barajas again? Love the Lions.

6.) (6/8:#5) San Gabriel Matadors (33): Isai Fernandez…Shines in 2012.

7.) (6/8:#7) Arroyo Knights (28): “How can I be sure? In a world that’s constantly changing?”

8.) (6/8:#9) South Pasadena Tigers (22): The next big thing in the RHL…

9.) (6/8:#17) South El Monte Eagles (22): Fernando Ramirez standing upright, makes rest of MVL uptight.

10.) (6/8:#10) Alhambra Moors (21): Where is the Moor faithful, still stuck at ten.

11.) (6/8:#8) Bell Gardens Lancers (20): A team Jorge Remigio at running back drops three spots over the weekend. Not cool.

12.) (6/8:#12) Rosemead Panthers (20): Paramo seems really confident.

13.) (6/8:#11) Northview Vikings (17): We’re positive about the Vikes..Dominic Angelo is ready to preach it from the roof tops.

14.) (6/8:#14) Schurr Spartans (16): Southpaw Sudden Sal Chavez Slings Schurr to Success…could be…

15.) (6/8:#13) San Marino Titans (15): Love grows, when stats show…Give us some stats. 

16.) (6/8:#16) Covina Colts (15): The only thing that can stop Barnes, is Barnes…

17.) (6/8:#19) La Canada Spartans (15): Up two spots…So we got the Franzen & Hill votes…Who else is ready to believe?

18.) (6/8:#18) Montebello Oilers (13): The Oilers could have a really fine season and still miss the playoffs…Or they could pull something and sweep the Almont…It could happen.

19.) (6/8:#20) Baldwin Park Braves (13): Jonathan Harvey…that’s the dude we saw…

20.) (6/8:#15) Pomona Red Devils (11): For all the positive we heard about P-Town in 2011…not hearing jack in 2012.

21.) (6/8:#25) Mt. View Vikings (9): If any team can be catapulted by their fan base it is the Vikings.

22.) (6/8:UR) Mark Keppel Aztecs: (9): Sepulveda? After all the years, all the pain…Sepulveda is ginning up interest in Keppel for the first time since the days of Evan Bachman & Edson Gomez.

23.) (6/8:#23) Temple City Rams (8): Even the faithful have gone silent. What do they talk about now at The Crest?

24.) (6/8:#21) Brentwood School Eagles (7):…Exactly.

25.) (6/8:#22) Wilson Wildcats (6): Hanging by a thread to the Top 25.

(Others) Nogales (5), Blair (2), Gabrielino (2), Pasadena Marshall (2), Viewpoint (2), Kilpatrick, Windward, Calvary Chapel (1)

This will run for the next five working days. Then we will launch a Northwest Division poll.

The official Mid Valley Sports Top 25s will come out August 1st.

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