Fanview Lite: July 3, 2012

Joe T.

Kick it!

I believe a few apologies are in order…Last Friday I rolled into the Mt. View Alumni football fundraiser. I took pictures, spoke with a few players, and then left before tacos were served.

Did you hear that? I LEFT BEFORE the tacos were served! Contrary to popular belief I’m not a mercenary.

Question: What is more exciting than the NBA Draft?

Cherokee Duane Barker told me he was offended at the Dodger game Friday night when they played the cavalry charge over the public address system in an attempt to rally the home team.

In a few weeks we’ll be updating the “Mid Valley Primer”, which serves as a glossary for all the sayings, nicknames, and tags we’ve been using over the last 13 years.

One of the categories being updated will be the “bubbas”…In the past any offensive/defensive lineman 250 and above was listed as a “bubba”…In the future any lineman between 240 and 275 pounds will be listed as a “bubba”…Linemen between 275 to 300 pounds will be listed as “SUV Class”…and anyone 300 pounds or more will be listed as “Sports Writer Class”.

Example: “Gabrielino has a pair of Sports Writer Class offensive tackles.”

(Well all the jokes can’t be good, you have to expect that every once in a while.)

The irresistible force and the unmovable object met at Dodger Stadium on Saturday night when our Big Tony Solorzano sat in the all you can eat right field pavilion.

Duane and Tim remember the pavilion they had big fun there!

Speaking of the Dodgers, does first baseman James Loney cry himself to sleep every night? Or does he laugh like a grifter who just pulled off the big con?

Answer: What is more exciting than the NBA Draft? Everything!

Rio Hondo Prep people are really excited about their opportunity to take a nice big wet bite out of Arcadia to open this coming football season.

After the Kares demolished Village Christian last year one local coach told me he wouldn’t schedule Rio Hondo Prep ever.

“What would I gain Joe?” He said. “I beat them and all I’ve done is beat a school with three or four hundred kids. And if I lose to them guys like you are never going to let me forget it.”

He’s probably right about that…we’re real partial to that whole “On this date in history…” thing…

The Dude abides…


Job 25:2

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