Fanview: May 22, 2014

Norwalk HC Jesse Ceniceros and long time Dallas Cowboys defensive end Jim Jeffcoat.

Norwalk HC Jesse Ceniceros and long time Dallas Cowboys defensive end Jim Jeffcoat.

“And the course of a lifetime runs
Over and over again…”—Paul Simon

Kick it!

I’m worried about the Kings…Since they struggle so much at home.

Did anybody get the 605 Rosters…Did Whittier, Trib, or Star News publish them? I’m good with being behind on this…I just want the blanking rosters…right blanking now!

Yes, Fanview was well over a thousand words yesterday and I apologize. Things just kept getting sent to me in the morning and I kept dropping it in. In theory Fanview is supposed to be a minimum of 600 words…I’ll work harder to keep it that way.

Yesterday I did say it is easy to fall in love this time of year. I did love watching Rosemead’s Steven Nava throw the deep passes on Saturday, but this was not intended as a slam against Gabrielino’s Eli Peters.

The reason I went with Nava’s arm is because in my memory bank (which isn’t perfect) I don’t have a recollection of Peters uncorking a deep ball to either Cameryn Matthews in 2012 or Jeremy Franco last season. Doesn’t mean it is or isn’t so, it’s just what I saw.

In regards to the hammering both the Rosemead and Gabrielino offensive coordinators are taking it needs to be noted in 2014 that Gabrielino finished 13th in the Mid-Valley Division in points scored. Rosemead finished 16th out of 34 schools. In total yards Rosemead was 13, Gabrielino 14. That’s worth at least fifty cents and a cup of coffee.

Normally the Dodgers versus Mets is a high point of any baseball season for me…but I’m not among the “30 Percent” who get to see Dodger baseball this year…So…So go METS!

I’ve always been a Mookie Wilson fan.

While there may not be a Kyle Salm or Allen Brown on the roster, San Dimas will be fine along the offensive line…And there will be another stud running back. I only say this because it’s always true. In fact it’s become an empirical truth…like knowing you will always get shafted at the DMV.

Yes, we’ve made the decision we’re doing four divisions. We have assets up the central coast in Nipomo and San Luis Obispo and Peterson’s sister lives in Temecula. She’ll cover everything east of Bonita for us.

I used to think the most difficult thing on television to watch were old episodes of “Full House”…but nearly everything that ESPN broadcasts these days is like acid reflux at two in the morning.

Junior-to-be quarterback Ryan Rivera, who left St. Paul, is now in the quarterback mix at Montebello.

Note to Norwalk trenchman Gabe Silva: This is your year, your opportunity…make it happen!

Speaking of Norwalk…There was a post on the boards about the Lancers needing a better pass rush. A guy to keep an eye on might be sophomore-to-be Jordan Thomas, a 6-0, 240, outside linebacker/pass rush type the coaching staff is excited about.

For the record in 14 games last season Norwalk list’s on its stats page only 15 sacks as a team. In 2012 the Lancers recorded 37.5 sacks, 12.5 of them by then senior Malcolm McAllister.

McAllister will be a sophomore at Cerritos College next year.

While I’ve mentioned San Marino is the biggest loser in regards to the recent divisional realignment…and I know it’s still a proposal (not official yet)…The biggest winner might be the Rowland Raiders. What a journey…They were a member of the San Antonio League, then the Hacienda League…and now they’ve found a home in the Valle Vista where they can compete. In a Mid-Valley Division where they can compete.

Will the Raiders compete in 2014? They are returning a lot of young guys, who got a lot of playing time in 2013. I’m not saying Ryan Jacobson’s team is going to dethrone San Dimas, but they could make noise.

In regards to “Survivor”: It wasn’t Wu’s mistake, but Tony’s efforts that made him the winner last night. Too soon for another Blood vs. Water though.
In regards to Miguel Olivo: Is it really a surprise the Dodgers released him after he bit off part of Alex Guerrero’s ear? Guerrero signed for 28-million, a bite out of the ear has to be worth 200-grand.
In regards to Michael Wilbon: Munson.
In regards to freedom of speech: Does it exist?
In regards to the NBA Draft Combine: Not with a gun to my back.

The Dude abides…


Psalms 5:1

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