The Peterson Principle: 7/28/14

Tim Peterson

Tim Peterson

Swaggy P, Booze Cruise, Linsanity, oh yeah and that other guy…the Black Mamba…sound like a playoff team to you? At least they all have nicknames.

With all of the Lakers problems they did hire the right coach. The question was why didn’t they name Byron Scott two months ago? Will Scott be successful in bringing back the glory years of the “Showtime” Lakers right away? No. But he is well respected and did win in New Jersey and New Orleans, and could help lure potential free agents to the Lakers in the coming years.

It makes you wonder though that with Scott already in place wouldn’t it have been easier to lure a Carmelo Anthony? And with Anthony in the fold Pau Gasol would have followed. Then you’re a playoff team. Now it’s a crapshoot.

As for the other team in Los Angeles, Drysdale and Koufax looked pretty good in the first two games for the Dodgers against the Giants. Some have scoffed at the recent Clayton Kershaw comparisons to Sandy Koufax, but with two Cy Young Awards, a no-hitter and an ERA that is below 2.00 he’s starting to look pretty close.

When you look at the all of the big money (huge money) contracts these days Kershaw is the one guy that actually seems like he’s worth the dough.

Doesn’t three triples and a double, like Yasiel Puig had Friday night, qualify for some sort of cycle?

By the way Vin Scully calls Puig the “Wild Horse.” Isn’t that offensive to all wild horses everywhere?

Speaking of offensive Bill Plaschke of the LA Times has been accused of flip-flopping before but he may have reached a new low while covering the Dodgers in a recent series in St. Louis. One day he wrote an impassioned plea for the Dodgers to make a trade for Tampa Bay ace David Price. It didn’t matter who he said – prospects Joc Pederson, Corey Seager, whoever – just get him here for the stretch run and pronto. The next day, and I mean the very next day, he implored the Dodgers to bring up Pederson from triple A to put a charge into the Dodgers. Most of us who write sports might have opinions that are wrong and we might have to admit it a year or so later. But dude really? One day?

Even if you thought that should you do really put in black and white?

Speaking of wrong opinions why do people, even some on our staff, insist that the LA KISS will fold after one year? Did you know the KISS led the Arena Football League in attendance for most of the year and finished second overall? And they did that despite having a 3-15 record? Of course the one guy on our staff who expressed that opinion never attended a KISS game.

Looks like we have another Plaschke on our hands.

That’s my principle.

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