The TEN: 7/8/2016

THE TEN (NEW)(“The TEN” is not a top ten but ten items worth being included in “The TEN”)

1.) Pro Football Hall of Famer Paul Hornung, who spent his entire career with the Green Bay Packers, is suing helmet maker Riddell Inc., according to Associated Press, alleging that the helmets he wore during his career did not protect him from brain injury.

2.) “To all La Serna haters!!!!
Try as you might nothing can stop this train!
Nogales and South El Monte did ok but I don’t think they threw the ball all over us!”—-MVS commenter “LancerDave”

3.) “If Hillary is really that unsophisticated, I hope someone tells her before she’s sworn in that the nuclear football is not actually a football.”—-Dennis Miller

4.) On this day in 1980 the 51st MLB All-Star game was played at Dodger Stadium.

5.) Former Burroughs softball player Tara Seavey turns 19.

6.) “Never thought I’d see Hyun-jin Ryu throw another pitch. I mean, I can’t see him because I have DirecTV. But still!”—-Molly Knight

7.) Wilmer Flores

8.) Former Rosemead Panthers national champion wrestler (2003) Manny Rivera named new head wrestling coach at Cal State Bakersfield.

9.) “…The bad thing about college softball many colleges coaches will pull the girls scholarship after there freshmen year if they are not a starter.”—-MVS commenter “SoCal”

10.) Former Pittsburgh Steeler linebacker Jack Lambert turns 64.

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