The TEN: 8/5/2016



(“The TEN” is not a top ten but ten items worth being included in “The TEN”)

1.) On this date in 2002 legendary Los Angeles Lakers announcer,Chick Hearn passed away.

2.) Chief Officer of La Mirada of Football Operations, Jim Phillips celebrates his birth today.

3.) They’ll play in the town USC plays in. They’ll play in the stadium USC plays in. They have a head coach who played for USC. And the Los Angeles Rams have one player from USC, strong safety T.J. McDonald.

4.) “Ha! Not many commentators have the sack to accurately portray John Thompson as overrated! Right on Tim. His racism aside, he was a terrible basketball coach!”—MVS commenter “Semper Titanious”

5.) “Tim Kaine seems like a nice guy but I’d bet a good bit of money he’s been stuffed in a locker at some point in his life.”—Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Brett Anderson

6.) Burbank HC Richard Broussard turns 36.

7.) Former Michigan Wolverine/Cincinnati Bengal number one draft pick (2007/18th overall) Leon Hall signed a one-year contract that can be worth up to $2 million with the New York Giants on August 4, 2016…He’s 31.

8.) “When is the high school football preview coming out? Doesn’t the season start in a few weeks???”—MVS commenter “Truth”

9.) The Mayfair Monsoons open their season August 26 at home against Long Beach Wilson, then in Week One (September 2) they travel to Mater Dei.

10.) National League West Standings
San Francisco Giants: 62-46
Los Angeles Dodgers: 60-48 2-games back
Colorado Rockies: 54-54 8-games back

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