Los Angeles Rams Notes: 09/27/2016

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Rams Head Coach Jeff Fisher – Press Conference – September 27, 2016

(On if making big plays at the end of games recently is something that is random or if something is developed)

“There’s a lot of plays that are made during the course of the games, you end up focusing on the one at the end. Yeah, ‘Tree’s’ (LB Alec Ogletree) play was huge against Seattle, (DE) Rob’s (Quinn) effort was tremendous, we needed that. You take the wins however you can – in a perfect world, you’d like to think you don’t need to make that play at the end. But that’s something you can hang your hat on and you can always go back and say ‘Hey, you made plays at the end, so if it comes up again, just go do it. Do what you’ve done before.’”


(On what he has said to the team about the number of penalties they’ve gotten so far in the early part of the season)

“I’m not going to go into specifics, that’s my presentation. But we had a long discussion today about it. It’s nice to be able to discuss it after a win. You look at the penalties and they’re like anything else. The big thing, as I mentioned yesterday, is the ones that don’t have anything to do with the play – and that’s what kind of gets under the coach’s skin – the false starts, the defensive offsides and the things that happen after the play. You’re in control of that. The things that take place during the course of the down, you’re really not in control unless you’re grabbing as a defensive back. And then you look, if you really look at them, there’s five or six or seven that I disagree with. Penalties are penalties, but at this rate, it’s not good. We have to coach better and we have to talk about things and we have to be aware of a hard count on second-and-10 or third-and-one. Just bring it to their attention and we did that. Our focus is more on Arizona, however, than it is on our team penalties.”


(On if there’s anything that he can take away from the game plan that Buffalo had after they intercepted Arizona QB Carson Palmer four times)

“No, if we go and change our defense and do what they did, then we don’t have a chance of being successful. We have a system, they have a system, there’s familiarity with both of these two teams. Buffalo made some plays – a ball was overthrown, a snap was misdirected – they made plays and they capitalized on it, they were home and they got some momentum. (Cardinals Head Coach) Bruce (Arians) is a good coach and he’ll have them ready to play. We respect them, as I said. We have a long week ahead of us (and) we’ll put together the best plan we can and go out and execute.”


(On WR Brian Quick having problems catching the ball in training camp and having a big game last week against Tampa Bay)

“His problems weren’t holding onto the ball, they were catching the ball. He didn’t have a (WR) Kenny Britt fumble, they were drops. He’s worked on that, he’s not dropping them on purpose and he made a couple really good plays in the game. It’s just about him being consistent. You don’t want to see the drops, drops are hard to overcome, we had four this weekend at Tampa and they’re hard to overcome – we had one or two on defense. You have to catch the football when you’re given the opportunity.”


(On if it’s nice to see Quick make a play like his 44-yard reception because of everything that he’s been through, including coming back from his injury)

“From that standpoint, yes, but that’s expected. We expect him to make that play, that’s his job – run past the corner in that particular defense and go make that play and he made it. The alternative would not have been good, but he made the play and he’s got to do it again.”


(On if RB Todd Gurley not having a big run is more of a factor of opposing teams focusing in on him or Gurley getting rust off)

“It’s not necessarily Todd, it’s really a situation where we’re just really close. A double-team that comes off that’s efficient and he hits the crease, he’s on his way, a good block by the receiver. Todd feels great; if anybody has any question as to how Todd feels, look at his 16-yard run, that was impressive.”


(On what he would like to see improvement on the defensive line)

“Last year, we didn’t have a sack for four or five weeks to start the season or something like that. Not that we started slow, but people are aware of the talent level up front, so they’re protecting the quarterback, the ball is coming out quickly. From a defensive line standpoint, I couldn’t ask any more of them from what we got out of them in this game, considering the numbers went down and the weather conditions. We’ll rest them, we’ll get them recovered and we’ll go out. We’ve typically had success from a standpoint of pressuring Arizona’s quarterbacks, so we’ve got to do that this week. We have to get relentless pressure on him and make the ball come out quick.”


(On how important it would be for the defense if QB E.J. Gaines can play this week and if he expects him to play)

“Won’t know until later on the week, it’ll be a day-to-day thing. He’s feeling good, he had a really good pregame workout in Tampa and felt really good, had no setbacks. So we’ll see how he is and just kind of work him in.”


(On what Gaines would add to the defense)

“Just the experience. The experience and the knowledge of our system, the depth there and the flexibility because he can go inside or play outside.”


(On what he has thought of DT Aaron Donald’s performance in the first three games)

“He hasn’t had a sack, but he’s probably had 20 quarterback hits. Whether the quarterback has the ball in his hands or not, he’s making contact with the quarterback legally. And they know that, so he’s getting double teamed and he’s getting all those scheme things that you get offensively. It creates other opportunities for someone else. We have to keep moving him around a little bit and create the one-on-ones. He’s been very productive even though he numbers aren’t reflecting it, he’s very productive.”


(On if the success that other rookie quarterbacks are having influences QB Jared Goff’s development)

“No, I spoke on that. I’m happy for young quarterbacks when they have success, but we have our own sense of timing here with him. The quarterbacks are having success because of injuries. As I mentioned last week, had we not had the injuries that we did in the league, probably all four of those quarterbacks either would be inactive or backups.”


Cardinals Head Coach Bruce Arians – Conference Call – September 28, 2016


(On what has led to a slow start for Arizona in the last couple of games)

“It’s dropped balls; just not converting third down like we normally do.”

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(On the play of QB Carson Palmer)

“Carson has been very solid. He didn’t have an interception until the fourth quarter the other day, when he was trying to force some things down the field. But, he’s been extremely solid for us.”


(On if QB Carson Palmer has been better this year, in comparison to years in the past)

“Yeah, I’ve been so familiar. That’s one of the things that’s a little bit disturbing, because we’ve had some miscommunication with the receivers. But, it’s more on the receivers than it is on him.”


(On his impression of the Rams defensive line these last few games)

“It’s been more than the last few games; it’s been the last few years. They’re outstanding; probably one of the best, just straight foursomes, that there is in the game right now. You got two complete game wreckers, and two really, really good players.”


(On his thoughts about DE Robert Quinn)

“It looks like he’s back to himself, full speed. He handles the run as well as the pass, but he’s just a tremendous player coming off that edge.”


(On his thoughts about DT Aaron Donald)

Same thing; when you have a game wrecker up the middle, and a game wrecker off the edge, that’s probably as good of pair you can have. Aaron is a high-motor guy, strong, can blow up the running game. Obviously, he puts a lot of pressure in the middle of the pocket. So, it’s a great challenge for our offensive line.”


(On what he knows about RB Todd Gurley now, that he wishes he would’ve known last season)

“[There’s] probably nothing that we didn’t know. Coming out of Georgia, we didn’t know how healthy he was when he played against us. But, he was obviously healthy. Loved him coming out of Georgia, had a high, high grade on him. Nothing he’s done has surprised me, because I thought he was a top first-round pick”


(On how QB Carson Palmer has handled his injuries and other adversities over the years)

“I don’t know if there’s a more resilient guy that I’ve ever coached. He takes the bad, and just looks it in the eye with a smile and a smirk, and says, ‘Hey, bring it on.’ You love that in your quarterback and your leader. Doesn’t point fingers, just goes to work, and a tireless preparation guy.”


(On if the end of last season was a motivation for QB Carson Palmer going into this season)

“There was motivation for all of us, because that ending of last season was a 53-man roster and a coaching staff that stunk.”


(On if he sees anything different in LB Alec Ogletree playing middle linebacker, in comparison to weak-side linebacker)

“Same guy; runs fast, hits hard, he’s a perfect Mike linebacker for that system, because of his speed, and he can hang on the pass, and then still make up for it on the run. I always thought he’d be a great Mike in that system.”


(On if he’s had the change the plan of attack for RB David Johnson)

“He’s fun to have, because he can do so many things, whether it be running the football, receiving it coming out of the backfield, or just lining up out wide. You try to create things where you can get a match-up that you really like each week with him in space, or just let him pound the ball.”


(On how impressed he’s been with S Tyrann Mathieu coming back from a season-ending injury last year)

“He thought the second time, mentally, was easier for him. He’s getting close to being his old self. He made a play the other day. I know he’s back when he picks it up and scores, because he’s the only guy I know that can make that play. I was shocked when he didn’t pick it up and score. But he’s getting closer, and closer to his old self. Great kid, a tireless worker.”


(On if there’s anything different in QB Case Keenum’s performance as a Ram, than when he played for Houston)

“No, I liked him then. He had a solid game against us. You see him getting more comfortable week-to-week now with his guys. Obviously, they had success in Tampa. I think they’re trying to build on that. It’s going to be a great chore for our defense.”


(On if it’s possible to overestimate the importance of having a consistent long snapper)

“No. I promise you, you don’t.”

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