The Peterson Principle: 1/15/2022

By Tim Peterson

I’d like to announce that I’ve committed to Mid Valley Sports to continue my sports writing career for 2022. However this isn’t official yet as it’s pending board approval. #respectmydecision.

There’s a lot of pending board approval going on these days. I’d like to tell you where Jesse Ceniceros will be coaching next year but I was asked not to report it because it’s pending board approval. I can tell you that Ceniceros has accepted a head coaching job at a high school in the San Gabriel Valley. But until it’s approved and has been rubber stamped by the school board it’s not official. You won’t see it here until it is. It’s all over Twitter if you need to know now.

I can also tell you that he’s not returning to El Monte to replace Victor Romero who stepped down. I’m not sure who will take the El Monte job but I doubt he will be a nicer guy than Romero. Has there ever been a nicer guy than Romero? He wanted it known that his decision to resign had absolutely nothing to do with the administration at El Monte. He said they “rolled out the red carpet” for him and wanted him to return. He had nothing but love for El Monte and expressed that he will do anything he can to help. Romero has always been a class act and has always treated everybody – from his players, students and the media – with dignity and respect. And I’ll never forget the carne asada tacos he used to feed us at the Mt. View passing league Tournament.


So Dale Ziola is out at Covina but who’s in? Again I can tell you it won’t be Ceniceros however the Colts were interested. The details just didn’t work. Former Los Altos head coach Travis Brown knows the team and the area. He might be a good fit. Matt Villasenor could be the guy. That is if he wants to give up the gig at Bishop Amat. We know he can get some kids in. We saw what he can do at Sierra Vista.

Ziola won’t be at Covina next year but don’t be surprised if he lands somewhere else. He still wants to coach and is a proven winner. Worst comment of the year (maybe worst ever) came from C Loc. “This Dude Can’t Coach…He Tapped Out Of LA. When He Knew He Didn’t Have Players..Stay And Coach Up What You Have
Wait He Don’t Know About That…14-13..Even When He had Talent At Covina..Still Couldn’t Win…C Ya!!!

Not only was it an epic fail grammatically, it was also a horrible take. Ziola took two different Los Altos teams to the CIF Finals and just guided Covina to an 8-4 record and to the second round of the CIF Division 10 playoffs. The guy can coach. Not sure what this person was looking at but they may want to take another peek at the information. Or put down the blunt.

South Hills, El Monte, back to Los Altos? Don’t be surprised if you see Ziola resurface.


Arroyo Junior linebacker Nathan Guardado was named Mission Valley League MVP and all CIF Division 9. He had 84 tackles and was the heart and soul of a defense that only allowed 5.7 points per game which was 55 points better than the school record. Well deserved recognition.


I’m hearing that Jake Duronslet and Decker DeGraaf won’t be the only big names in the SGV to transfer. It may be just the beginning. I mean eighth grade kids are making announcements now about what high school they will be committing to. So it stands to reason that players will be moving from one high school to another.

In case you missed it Pasadena quarterback Hype Grand, yes that’s his name, transferred to La Habra at the end of November.


Several high school basketball games have been canceled the last couple of weeks due to the new COVID-19 variant Omicron. I finally got out to a see a game Friday night and was glad I did. If you haven’t seen Charter Oak freshman guard Marquis Bradley yet he’s worth a look. Fun to watch. And he may be an even better wide receiver.

Doesn’t Omicron sound like a 1970s video game? “Yeah I was great at Asteroids, loved Galaga and really liked Centipede. But I always struggled with Omicron.”


UCLA Fans – Good news or bad news? Chip Kelly has agreed to a four-year extension.


So is the Caleb Williams transfer to USC just pending board approval?

That’s my principle.

Tim can be reached at or on Twitter @tspeterson40 or Facebook-Tim Peterson.

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  1. Anonymous's Gravatar Anonymous
    January 19, 2022 - 8:39 pm | Permalink

    Rumors are that a change may be coming on the hill at schurr

  2. Anonymous's Gravatar Anonymous
    January 19, 2022 - 8:34 pm | Permalink

    Sierra vista figured out they needed to get back in the recruiting game with less fan fare online by hiring Jesse Ceniceros. He will get them back to winning games without all the attention on social media

  3. Anonymous's Gravatar Anonymous
    January 19, 2022 - 8:28 pm | Permalink

    If am a school with a coaching opening am calling Matt Villasenor and making him turn down the job

  4. Ron Vrooman, AHS stat man's Gravatar Ron Vrooman, AHS stat man
    January 17, 2022 - 5:10 pm | Permalink

    @ Tim: So, your operation isn’t a sole proprietorship or a partnership? Darn; there’s nothing like dealing with a pesky board of directors! I thought that you’d at least be like Al Davis, who was the “manager of the general partner” for the Raiders.

  5. San Dimas Fanatic's Gravatar San Dimas Fanatic
    January 17, 2022 - 2:14 pm | Permalink

    This is the MVS Board, you’ve been approved for the next 10 years!

    PS Ziola to South Hills would be a great fit.

  6. CoachesCorner's Gravatar CoachesCorner
    January 16, 2022 - 12:28 pm | Permalink

    The SGV can rest at ease now hearing the wonderful news of Tim Peterson hanging in there with MVS. You’re the rock of the SGV when it comes to HS sports. Book that!

  7. Roxanne's Gravatar Roxanne
    January 16, 2022 - 12:04 pm | Permalink

    Good job son, love you Nathan🖤 Can’t wait to see you play your senior year!

  8. Fight On's Gravatar Fight On
    January 15, 2022 - 11:59 pm | Permalink

    If Kelly can reach the same level of success as that of Joseph R. Biden, I will be satisfied.

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