Fanview Lite: June 8, 2011

They could be doing a lot of this in San Dimas this fall...

Good Afternoon!

Lebron James was dominant last night…I loved the way he projected a will to win comparable to Magic Johnson’s… My memory is pretty good and I distinctly remember Magic during crunch time giving the ball up and running to a corner…

Lebron is not the next Michael or Magic…He’s the next Dennis Scott…At least Dennis Scott offensively…Defensively? Last night he looked a lot like Kiki Vandeweghe…

Note to Softball Fans: Karah Hernandez was a key ingredient this spring in Rosemead softball’s turn around…She was placed on our Old School All Mid Valley Team…On the net it was correct…In hard copy she was listed as playing for Temple City…

Note to Karah Hernandez: We apologize…




How goes it in Covina?

“Nothing really surprising this spring,” says Colts HC Darryl Thomas. “It is just really great to be out at practice, getting better, and working towards our goals.”

Zeke Prado floated and interesting idea last night; a football co-op. In South Dakota one local high school combined with three other schools for spring workouts.

Small rural schools do this all the time…Imagine if South El Monte, El Monte, and Mt. View got together? Or Alhambra, Keppel, and San Gabriel?

My thought is what if some of the weaker programs merged together during the spring and for early summer conditioning. Keppel, Bassett, Blair… This would give the staffs at those schools bodies to work with and allow players learn concepts in full…

If this is a hit, I’ll share the credit with Prado…If it sucks, its all Prado’s fault.

Speaking of Ohio State…The most I ever got for my signature was a mortgage payment…Due the first of every month…

Note to SGV Trojans 12: Coach Z at San Dimas likes everything kept on the down low…(I believe they are going to be good) So I’m having fun with him…Heading into the first round of the playoffs last year I took Muir over La Mirada…I thought the Mustang faithful would applaud my insight or give me a little love for having their back…Wrong…Instead I got static for putting them on everyone’s radar…Personally I think Kevon Seymour’s performance against the Matadores had much more to do with it…

Important truth learned in 2010… Do not talk about Wilson football unless you are prepared for big can of MADNESS to be opened.

Second truth learned in 2010… There was semifinal talent in the Wildcat program last fall and without the implosion it could have happened.

Truth to be considered in 2011… With J.R. Nelson, Keith Hawk, George Czarnack, Joe Prohoroff, and Raymond Sierra there is enough talent to beat anyone in the Valle Vista.

Question…Is there enough time between now and kick-off in September for new HC Bob Burt to bring it altogether?

The Dude abides…


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PRESS RELEASE From District 18 Little League

Little League programs throughout District 18 in the West San Gabriel Valley are having a Little League Dodger Night Fundraiser.   This includes leagues in Los Angeles, Alhambra, South Pasadena, Temple City and El Monte and South El Monte.  The fundraiser will offset the costs of the All-Star Tournaments including travel expenses for teams that may travel to a Western Regional or World Series Tournament.

This year for the first time , every Little League All-Star team from District 18 will be introduced on the field at Dodger Stadium during pregame ceremonies on Friday night July 8th! After the game everyone is encouraged to stay for Friday Night Fireworks at Dodger Stadium.

In addition, with each ticket purchased a Dodger Bobblehead, compliments of the Los Angeles Dodgers, will be included.

To order tickets please contact any Little League program in District 18 or email  mail to: for tickets.

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