The Ten 1/12/12


(“The Ten” is not a top ten, but ten items worth being included in The TEN)

1.) Hue Jackson is one and done in Oakland.                      

2.) Rosemead HC Matt Koffler made the playoffs nine times in his 11 year tenure.                               

3.) Lakers win their first road game of the year.                               

4.) Rosemead DC Marc Paramo.                                    

5.) Alabama and LSU score one touchdown combined in eight quarters.                        

6.) “At the end of the day, the Lord wants us, not what we do.” – Steve Bogan.                               

7.) UCLA hires Sal Alosi as its strength and conditioning coach, the same New York Jets coach who purposely tripped an opposing player as he ran down the field on a punt return.                                

8.) The Raiders want to return to LA.                            

9.) Ben Negrete steps down at Schurr.                                     

10.) “Not looking for a pity party but…The SGV has had a historic number of quality football coaches, and more importantly quality leaders of young men, resign in recent weeks. Administrators, parents, players and fans appreciate what you have. Back in the not so distant past there was more administrative, faculty, parental and financial support. Some schools have it better than others, but find someone else that will fill the role of: career counselor, father figure, tutor, psychologist, janitor, equipment man, academic counselor, banker, taxi, publicist, lawyer, teacher, etc… We see these kids 3-4 hours day. We have more contact with them than nearly anyone else in their life. No one gets rich coaching… The kid at Hotdog on a Stick makes more than a Head Coach. You would be amazed at how much a simple handshake or pat on the back will go. Try and find someone else that will put the needs of 60 kids ahead of many of the needs of their own family. That group got significantly smaller this week and your kids are the ones that will feel it first. God Bless.” – Arroyo Coach Jim Singiser.

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