Fanview Lite: January 27, 2012

Former Bonita HC Eric Podley (photo by Anne Cypress)

Kick it!

The Pro Bowl…cool…

Speaking of transfers…there was a brief moment at the end of my sophomore year that my brother floated the idea of me transferring from El Monte to Temple City…True story…Why? So I could play basketball there…I thought he was crazy, but looking back a change in environment probably would have matured me a lot sooner and I would have been less of a jackwagon going forward.

Not defending transfers, but its tough to try and cover all motivations for transferring with one blanket. There are good reasons and bad reasons…and fault can be with the student, the parents, and, yes, even the school.

“I couldn’t be more proud to be a Panther,” says new Rosemead HC Marc Paramo. “I’m excited, I’m stressed, and full of energy. Can’t wait to start working.”

First Add West Point: Great news! West Covina quarterback Chris Caballero has been accepted to the United States Military Academy.

Former Bonita HC Eric Podley is all smiles these days.

The more I see of O.J. Mayo in the NBA the more I wonder why Tim Floyd risked so much to bring him to USC…I mean if you are going to risk the big sniffing nose of the NCAA wouldn’t you risk it for a better, perhaps more complete, ball player?

Nick Montana to MT. SAC?

New Glendale HC John Tuttle informs he has not completed his coaching staff for 2012, but is close.

Note to Tuttle: I don’t want to be a nudge, but do you know some four-way tosses are starting in February?

Note to Bonita: When you finish your new basketball arena do me a favor, build a glass encasement in the center of the lobby to profile, highlight, and proclaim Glen Davis’ Heisman Trophy…

Last Add West Point: Davis, the late Bonita and West Point alum, literally walked onto the campus one day and donated it to the school. It needs to be prominently displayed when construction is complete on the new campus gym.

Speaking of Which: Have they turned over any dirt yet on the San Dimas football field?

Last Add Paramo: The right side of his offensive line returns in guard Nelson Leon and tackle Daniel Camarena, but his leading returning rusher is Alec Zavala who carried the ball six times for 89 yards in 2011 as a sophomore.

Peterson had a conversation with Rowland HC Craig Snyder last night and he says for sure he will be back with the Raiders next season.

What has this off season been like in the local coaching ranks? Remember the scene in “Saving Private Ryan” when they were landing at Omaha Beach and how the bullets started cutting them down when the ramp dropped?

You got coaches bodies (football careers) floating in the water, in the surf, on the sand…You’ve got Joel Sanchez, Mike Maggiore, and Jim Singiser looking back and seeing the carnage of all their colleagues who didn’t make it to cover.

Last Add Transfers: There was and is a distinction between me and some of the names you’ve heard recently about leaving one school for another…They had talent, I didn’t.

…But I was really good at Galaga.

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