Fanview Lite: February 14, 2012

Joe T.

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I just signed the paperwork…Mid Valley Sports will be joining the Big East for the 2012-2013 season. We will participate in football and basketball in the “Big East Western Division”.

One of my favorite things, back in the day, was to listen to Vin Scully call a spring training game from Vero Beach while I was at work…It hasn’t been the same since the Dodgers started bouncing around from one station to another and delaying the broadcast.

In fact, is it true? Did I hear the Dodgers signed to have their games heard on KKDJ?

First Add Montview: 2012 breakout guy at Azusa? Cameron Blackburn. He runs well, plays a better corner, and will only be a junior next fall.

It’s easy to take cheap shots now, but what happened at Muir is just awful.

Did anyone have a headache on Sunday afternoon? I did and I think it was Football Withdrawl Syndrome. Brutal.

They were so desperate for sports on NBC they showed rugby. Rugby! Perhaps playing it is different, but watching it the week after NFL season ends is wicked. Since waterboarding is no longer encouraged, the CIA is now employing rugby viewing to break down the will of terrorists…along with Madonna’s Super Bowl performance.

Someone asked me the other day if I knew what became of former Walnut linebacker Randy Collins…I said I assumed he went to Mt. Sac like so many former Mustang players do, but when I checked I didn’t see him on the roster.

If anyone knows drop us a line, he was good football player and I’d like to think he’s still knocking heads on a field somewhere.

Mt. View, one of five high schools in the El Monte district, is playing St. Francis in the first round of the CIF playoffs…Yeah, that St. Francis.

I appreciate everyone voting in our poll about best returning quarterback in the Mid-Valley division…but if you voted “Other” could you tell us who you were thinking of and who we missed?

San Francisco State?

Last Add Montview: 2012 breakout guy at La Puente? Thomas Peilan. Good size, plays safety…and his coaching staff likes him.

Filmmaker Lionce Haggerty, a former Arcadia Apache, will be on “The Mid Valley Sports Show” next Tuesday night to talk about his documentary “Rise of the Apaches”.

You can check it out on youtube.

We had him on the show last week, but I don’t know if we mentioned in type that former El Monte HC Greg Vaniman has joined Brandon Rohrer’s coaching staff at La Puente. Vaniman will serve as defensive coordinator.

He might have been a 49er, but Freddie Solomon was a great player. I was sorry to hear about his passing yesterday.

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