Fanview Lite: March 2, 2012

Alhambra inside linebacker Nathan Quinones "...get ready for a big year."

Kick it!

First Add Almont: Funny how on this day two years ago Jude Oliva was a nice hire, an expected hire at San Gabriel. Now he is a commodity in high demand and if San Gabriel can’t find a way…One morning they are going to wake up and read; “Oliva Leaves SG For…..(Fill in the blank)….”

The sigh of relief you heard last night was the confirmation of Joe Kanach as Alhambra’s new football HC.

“I’m glad it’s all over and we can move on,” said Moors quarterback Josh Mendoza. “We are getting ready to win a championship.”

“It’s hard to see our old coaches gone,” says Moors “Bad Dude” linebacker Nathan Quinones. “But it’s time to move on and get ready for a big year.”

“We have been working hard since December,” says Moors feature back Ezra Broadus. “And we are working for a championship.”

“I’m really excited to get the year started with a new coach with the reputation of Coach Kanach,” says Moors cornerback Sebastian Espinoza. “We are excited with the new style of offense coming in and our strong defense coming back.”

“This is our last year here,” says Moors utility man Oscar Gaytan. “And we want to leave our mark.”

A relieved Moors “Bad Dude” Christian Caraveo summed it best; “Are you ready for some football!”

It’s true of a lot of coaches, probably not so true of some, but you have to work hard. Former Baldwin Park HC James Heggins was as hard a working coach as I’ve ever seen.

And the reunion flag football games at Baldwin Park were as fun to watch as anything else in the off season.

The Mid-Valley Division is going to miss him, but for BP…with its history of zero financial support…this is like a bomb going off. The Braves program is going to need a miracle on par with Lourdes to survive this.

Burroughs standout, and D-I talent, Zander Anding will take the JC route next fall.

On a team with very few “Bad Dudes” Temple City defensive end Felipe Serano (6-0, 231) will be critical to the Rams in 2012.

After Sports Illustrated’s story on the UCLA basketball program I guess former USC HC Tim Floyd wasn’t such a bad guy after all…?

You think the Bruins are out of control, check out the Mid offices on Friday nights during the football season. Big Tony is making all the connections…and half the staff is mainlining Art’s Burgers in the board room.

Last Add Burroughs: “He is a beast,” says Burroughs HC Keith Knoop about Indians nose tackle Ermar Cruz. “He’s working like a madman in the weight room right now. Great leader and a very intense guy.”

Sweet, I’m ready for a toss next week.

News down the 605 says that El Rancho is ready to announce an HC next week.

The Dude abides…


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