Fanview Lite: October 12, 2009

Arroyo-Rosemead has become a classic struggle in The Mid

Arroyo-Rosemead has become a classic struggle in The Mid

Good Afternoon!

Why does Columbus, Ohio get a national holiday? Sounds like a Buckeye conspiracy to me.

Is it a sign of cowardice to not want the Dodgers to play the Angels because I’m fearful of the bandwagoning backlash that would follow an Angel victory?

All the talk would start about this really being the Angels town… I couldn’t bear it.

This is Fate of the World week in high school football.

South Hills-Westco is a colossus, while Rowland-Walnut, Los Altos-Wilson, Alhambra-Schurr, and San Marino-M-Town are merely very important.

In the neighborhood Arroyo at Rosemead is always a big deal. In fact every game in the Mission Valley matters this week, because every team is literally in the playoff hunt.

Mead, El Monte, Gabrielino, South El Monte, and Mt. View are a combined 2-23. EM, View, SEM are winless leaving the third playoff spot wide, wide, very wide open.

Many often ask if we know what Villathedevil is talking about, I have to say its a crapshoot…How else could Burbank be rated ahead of South Hills….and Alhambra (whom Villathedevil said would win only one game) ahead of West Covina?

The last time I saw Temple City play at La Canada they won 35-15, Tshun Tsai rushed for 271-yards (hence the headline that night “Tsainamite”…but what really stood out was a Spartan blitzer, now lost to the ages, who was decleated by Rams sophomore Williams Do.

Peyton Manning needs to throw the ball to Pierre Garcon more often…then again I’ve given up on fantasy football.

Note to D.R. Moreland: Shadow Nick Bueno with Steve Yortsos.

Note to Ryan Maddox:  Throw the ball. Script the first ten plays, all passes.

Note to Self: Remember you are not a head coach. You don’t have to pay the price, bear the burden, and run the risks coaches do these days when dealing with academic elites.

Arroyo and Rosemead have met 50 times, with the Knights holding a 32-18 all-time advantage (see below).

Has it been settled? Is Arroyo-Rosemead called “The Cross Town Showdown”?

The last time Muir started a season 0-5 was in 2002. Good news for the Mustang faithful is they recovered to make the playoffs. The something to think about news is the Pacific was much smaller seven years ago.

Nobody is seeing these teams as Southeast title contenders but in regards to that strip of the 60 Freeway running from 7th Avenue to Azusa Blvd, Los Altos-Wilson this week is a monster. Conquerer HC Felipe Aguilar wants to get the critics off his back and Wilson HC Brian Zavala would like to keep down the critics looking for a reason to pounce.

San Marino needs Benny Hung.

Name of the Day: Covina receiver Remontay McClain.

Stay thirsty my friends…


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What’s Up With: Arroyo-Rosemead All-Time

1957: Arroyo 19-7

1958: Arroyo 14-0

1959: Arroyo 20-6

1960: Rosemead 12-6

1961: Rosemead 21-13

1962: Arroyo 34-0

1963: Rosemead 13-6

1964: Arroyo 21-14

1965: Rosemead 12-7

1966: Rosemead 20-19

1967: Arroyo 20-14

1968: Arroyo 27-7

1969: Arroyo 40-14

1970: Arroyo 7-6


1972: Arroyo 17-7

1973: Arroyo 20-6

1974: Rosemead 12-0

1975: Rosemead 13-8


1977: Rosemead 27-0

1978: Arroyo 16-6

1979: Arroyo 20-3

1980: Rosemead 20-0

1981: Rosemead 7-6

1982: Rosemead 25-7

1983: Rosemead 35-14

1984: Arroyo 28-14

1985: Arroyo 10-0

1986: Arroyo 17-6

1987: Arroyo 17-16

1988: Rosemead 17-10

1989: Arroyo 35-6

1990: Rosemead 21-14

1991: Arroyo 17-12

1992: Arroyo 19-13

1993: Arroyo 31-7

1994: Arroyo 17-12

1995: Arroyo 27-0

1996: Arroyo 31-7

1997: Arroyo 41-14

1998: Arroyo 35-7

1999: Arroyo 53-17

2000: Arroyo 16-14

2001: Rosemead 42-7

2002: Arroyo 28-0

2003: Arroyo 35-6

2004: Arroyo 23-0

2005: Rosemead 24-14

2006: Arroyo 27-23

2007: Rosemead 31-20

2008: Rosemead 50-12

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