Fanview: May 27, 2014

APU free safety/hitman Tyler Thornton.

APU Free Safety/Hitman Tyler Thornton.—Photo by Duane Barker

“Yeah, with just one look I was a bad mess
‘Cause that long cool woman had it all…”—The Hollies

Kick it!

In a prime on prime match, I still take Magic over LeBron in basketball.

Hands down, don’t even have to think about it. If I’m looking for a talk show host, then it’s anybody but Magic.

Not sure who was happier…My daughter on Christmas morning with her Barbi playhouse…Or Montebello HC Pete Gonzalez as he described his defensive line for the upcoming 605 Game. It was the same look Barker gets when a blood rare steak is set in front of him.

Yes, for the record: I am aware that Dominguez is returning a bunch of bubbas on the offensive line and that Josh Ford and Keith Hairston are back. Not that the Dons are seeking my advice, but I would encourage them to tone down the non-league schedule a little and get ready for a brutal San Gabriel Valley League road.

I’m not predicting anything…but in 2009 I saw Mike McFarland take a Pasadena team in total disarray and bring them to a 5-5 record they had no business having. The Bulldogs, with players like Aaron Simpson and Nick Escoe, had talent. This PHS team has talent, so the possibility of them “pulling something” is very real.

Note to Pasadena O-Line Coach: The prime directive is to keep Jorge Reyna upright. If he’s still slinging in Week Ten the Bulldogs should have a couple of upsets under their belt.

Been really quiet on the South El Monte front. News has been light and the fan base has been largely quiet on the boards the last few months. Reminder the Eagles return Jamie Michel at quarterback. He saw a lot of action as a sophomore in 2013, he’s got good size and should be much improved. They also have one of the MVL’s best returning running backs in Marcos Lopez.

First Add Arroyo: No, we have not forgotten about Randy Amezcua.

Definition of “Upset”: When you go 1-9 in 2013 (and your only win is against Hoover)…any victory in 2014 is an upset.

Speaking of Hudl: Can somebody relay to Hudl that they need to offer a media package to their services. I’ve had a chance to see Hudl on the inside, it is awesome. I wish I had an account.

Note About Assistant Coaches: If you have a son that plays football (or a daughter for that matter) and your program has good assistant coaches who are walk-ons…treat them like gold. If you have an assistant coach that is young and makes honest mistakes…let the HC correct him and you encourage him.

I know there are going to be comments about how assistants have screwed over programs, but you know what? There are more good assistants than bad. I spoke to one coach this spring and his eyes just lit up about the additions he made to his coaching staff, because he knows what it means.

Look at this…I can’t believe I’m suddenly all sweet, syrupy, and flowery. I can’t help but be, these are good guys. Even when Rosemead’s Pat Ahhing wanted to kick my butt (funny story), I still thought he was a great guy and a better coach.

Last Add South El Monte: This might be cause for concern but the Southmen’s 2014 non-league schedule includes: Pasadena, a visit to Santa Fe, Chino, and a trip to Bonita. That is ambitious for a team finishing 2-8 a year ago.

It’s tough to talk about APU. I want to talk about APU all the time, but they are in the same policy mode a lot of NCAA schools are in now days. They don’t want anything published in regards to injuries, transfers, depth charts, unless it is released directly by their offices.

I respect that. It’s their call, they have to run their ship the best way they know how. I think it’s wrong though, I think if the press was allowed to have access to a lot of this information it could create better awareness of a building program.

Because the parameters are so narrow you might know about Terrell Watson. He is a deluxe back, but the next best player on this team, a guy you hear almost nothing about, is free safety Tyler Thornton. He’s a senior with Bob Sanders size and in the last two years he’s got nine interceptions. In 2014 he was in on 120 tackles to lead the team. This guy is terrific and will be key to the Cougars continued success.

Speaking of APU success…the offensive line has a lot of guys returning. Warren alum Ricky Vichot should see the field this year.

Tough break for Rio Hondo Prep in that they move up in competition the season after they graduate their leading passer, rusher, receiver, and tackler. They also lose their heaviest player, but do return their tallest player senior-to-be Eric Mosher who is 6-4.

Somehow I think the Kares will be alright, but they should change their name to the River Monsters.

Since I signed Josh Beckett as a free agent two weeks ago, I’m feeling a little bit better about Fantasy Baseball these days.


In regards to Josh Beckett’s no hitter on Sunday: “I only watched it twice. They replayed it all day on Time Warner.”—El Monte OC Brian Tabatabai

In regards to Cliff Branch: I take him any day of the week over HOFer Andre Reed.

In regards to the universe: Don’t the LA Kings need to lose the next two games to Chicago to keep everything in balance?

In regards to Lakers hiring an HC: Yeah, Alvin Gentry…That smells like victory.

In regards to Matt Kemp: Is this the end?

The Dude abides…
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