The Peterson Principle: 11/24/2014

David Tomalchoff and Los Altos physically beat up Monrovia

David Tomalchoff and Los Altos physically beat up Monrovia

Have you seen the numbers of the last three quarterbacks at El Rancho? Well if not here you go. 2014- Andrew Perea: 3103 total yards, 34 touchdowns; 2013 – Ryan Araujo: 2558 total yards, 17 TD; 2012- Joey Sanchez: 3184 total yards, 39 TD.

Coincidental? I don’t think so. El Rancho, under Vinnie Lopez, has developed a system where regardless of who is lining up behind center they’re going to be successful. It ‘s a high powered offense that is designed to score points and score them often.

“It’s food for thought. Reminds me of Roger Staubach and his retirement speech. Staubach said ‘The Dallas Cowboys are bigger than me. It’s a system. My success is a product of the system.’” Lopez said.

Do the Dons need good athletes to make it happen” Of course. But when three years straight three different quarterbacks have put up similar big numbers you know it’s the system that Lopez and the coaching staff has instilled.

Of course I know the question that’s coming. Then how did they lose to Burbank. We’ll I would be more apt to beat them up if not for the number of other teams that have been knocked off too. How did La Mirada lose to Salesian? How did Norwalk blow a late lead and fall to Paramount? La Serna beat St. Francis? Cathedral succumbs to Downey? Sometimes teams (especially in high school) don’t play their best football at the least opportune times. As the old bumper sticker said “Stuff Happens.” We’ll it read a little different but you get the idea. There isn’t really an explanation but Lopez offered this one.

“I’m not making excuses. Burbank is a good team but it’s hard to beat anyone in the playoffs when you turn the ball over four times. Our defense hadn’t given up 35 points in a game all year and we did just that in the first half. We didn’t play the way we had been playing all year,” Lopez stated.

Do players get caught looking ahead. Lopez says yes.

“I think we got caught looking at the same thing as La Mirada – that round two match up,” Lopez said.

Yes the Dons got knocked out early. But yes they also beat La Serna and yes they won the Del Rio League. Yes Vinnie Lopez is a Coach of the Year candidate.

Speaking of Coach of the Year candidates we should never, ever count out Margarito Beltran. Five straight semi final appearances, one CIF championship, three championship game appearances. Coaches would kill for that resume.

Los Altos didn’t just beat Monrovia. The Conquerors beat them up. They simply overpowered, bullied and out-muscled the Wildcats. Tyler Nevens ran wild and got all the ink but these guys up front deserve some props. TE- David Jimenez LT – Steven “Thor” Magallanes LG – Oscar Villa C- Eric Castillo RG – David Tolmachoff RT – George Steward.

What’s up with Salesian? Let’s just say there are a lot of guys playing now that weren’t playing three weeks ago.

Odell Beckham Jr.’s catch on Sunday…best ever?

That’s my principle.

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