Fanview: 9/17/2015

Former CV WR Connor Van Ginkel made his first catch for Valparaiso on Saturday. (Photo by Ed Van Ginkel)

Former CV WR Connor Van Ginkel made his first catch for Valparaiso on Saturday. (Photo by Ed Van Ginkel)

By Joe Torosian

“In came Miss Progress, in her black dress, look at the mess, she is a killer.”
—The Avett Brothers

Kick it!

Right off the Top: The St. Louis/Los Angeles Rams need to release Isaiah Pead before he does serious damage to the team.

My prep football question after the first three weeks of the season? What happened to all the fat guys? When Arcadia starts an offensive line that looks the size of Rio Hondo Prep’s (about a 210-pound average)…it’s obvious these kids aren’t getting enough to eat. Can we get Hostess and Krispy Kreme kiosks put on some of these campuses? How about strategically placed soda bars around the schools? Perhaps some Double Stuffed Oreo goody bags when they come in through the gate in the morning?

I’ve got a lot of gray hair these days…which is cool because I could be sporting the Johnny BlueState look…but I’m not going to try and hide my age by dying it. What’s the point everyone knows I’m old, especially after I saw Monrovia’s Lawrence Spicer rush for six touchdowns and then identified him Brandon Spicer over the course of a 400-word story on Friday night.

(Plus my knee keeps making this really strange popping sound when I get up in the morning.)

Two Monday night NFL games is one too many to start the new season. I mean, I’ll take a double-shot of my baby’s love but a double-shot of ESPN…with Chris Berman as the chaser? I woke up on Tuesday and I felt so bad…it was the worst hangover that I ever had…

For the record, despite the rumors you may be hearing, the new AMC show “Fear The Walking Dead” is not about Mission Valley League football…

What do you know…Darreon Lockett is playing quarterback for the Pomona Red Devils.


Northwest Division Prediction Results
Previewed eight games, I was correct on all eight and pretty awesome when it came to selecting the final scores. You got my predictions for each game and then you have the final scores in parenthesis below them. Followed by my grade.

Mission Prep 21 Crean Lutheran 13
(Mission Prep, 35-14)—I give myself a B on this one.

Bishop Montgomery 35 Leuzinger 12
(Bishop Montgomery, 31-28)—B-

Linfield Christian 25 Pasadena Poly 18
(Linfield Christian, 38-14)—B-

Maranatha 44 Sage Hill 6
(Maranatha, 40-6)—A+

Nipomo 30 Carpinteria 13
(Nipomo, 31-12)—A+

Notre Dame-Riverside 52 Ganesha 7
(NDR, 50-7)—A+

Rio Hondo Prep 22 Gabrielino 20
(RHP, 49-6)—C-

Valley Christian 42 Ocean View 0
(Valley Christian, 47-0)—A+


In regards to Bobby Hurley: Did you know that he’s the knew basketball HC at Arizona State?

In regards to the Oakland Raiders: “For the last decade or so, it seems like the Raiders have been playing with the patch on the good eye.”—Dennis Miller

In regards to Fantasy Football: It stinks…and is a stupid waste of time…Unless Todd Gurley plays this week.

In regards to West Covina: I don’t think they play “Who Let The Dogs Out” enough during the course of a football game.

In regards to Connor Van Ginkel: The Crescenta Valley alum made his first collegiate catch for 29-yards, last Saturday for Valparaiso football against Sacred Heart of Connecticut.

The Dude abides…


Psalms 101:7

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