Fanview Lite: January 27, 2010

Monrovia's Derrick Johnson (#6) and Dujawn Jones (#5) are talented, but Josh Lowden (middle) always knows where the camera is.

Good Evening!

T-Minus-236 Days until “The Mid Valley Classic”

Note to Matt Koffler: La Canada girls basketball coach /athletic director Tamar Hill clobbered you in the all-time ratings for one show last night. Maybe you need to think a little bit less about Lane Kiffin calling and a little more about pleasing the Mid Valley…

Why would somebody want to leave the Dodgers? I mean outside of wanting a raise, or not wanting to play with Jeff Kent back in the day, why would somebody want to leave Chavez Ravine?

Speaking of Anthony Olivas, the former Arroyo tailback will be live in studio next week on “The Mid Valley Sports Show”

Starting to feel a little juice about the baseball season…tough to explain…but something about it just gets hold of me this time of year. I’ve always been kind of a Minnesota Twins fan, so I’m excited about them opening a new outdoor ballpark this season.

Question for Blue State: The Twins have run 17 different players out to third base since Corey Koskie left in 2004. Why is it always a problem to fill the third base slot? Thinking to my youth this was always a problem for the Mets. Thinking back to Tim Peterson’s youth this was always a problem for the Dodgers until Ron Cey came on board in 1973, and then after he departed in 1982. Why?

I was getting hassled about the poll for the Old School team of the decade in regards to Temple City and Rosemead. The reason I chose only one team from these schools is simple, I didn’t want to split the vote. So I made the hard call and chose the 2001 team over the Rams editions of 2006 and 2008. I know the 2008 team went to the semifinals but they didn’t have to play Inglewood to get there.

In regards to Rosemead’s 2005 team, although undefeated in the regular season, it swallowed the jalapeno against La Serna in the first round of the playoffs. The 2001 Panthers were great and they had to play Charter Oak in the semifinals, but the 2008 team did reach the finals and may have pulled it out if not for a certain, unexpected, heart attack invoking, obscenity inspiring, tear producing, 95-yard punt return.

Burroughs wide receiver Kohl Adams-Hurd will visit Humboldt State this week.

Monrovia linebacker Josh Lowden will be a special guest host on “The Mid Valley Sports Show” Tuesday night, February 16. We’re going to find out if this guy knows anything about sports.

I tell you the Pacific League has some nice venues to watch a basketball game. Hung around Burroughs this afternoon and its field house is amazing.

We’ve received two reports regarding Burbank and Burroughs football next season. One has them sharing Glendale High School…which seems impossible considering Glendale, Hoover, and Crescenta Valley already play there. The other report has both schools playing every game on the road, with the exception of the city championship game which would be played at Moyse Field in Glendale.

Hoover did play an on campus game during the day a few years ago against Mountain View. The Tornadoes should consider doing two or three of these every year to generate more interest in the program and a stronger fan base.

While it’s always tough at Hoover, it expects to get a little tougher with the graduation of talented quarterback A.J. Pule heading into 2010. In the past I’ve had a lot of fun at the Tornadoes expense, but one thing several area coaches have been quick to remind me of is head coach Chris Long is doing a solid job and in time will turn things around.

I hate false competitiveness. This business of acting tough and angry after a loss, just for the sake of acting tough and angry after a loss because it supposedly makes one look like a fierce competitor is ridiculous. You can be disappointed, frustrated, and even angry after a loss…but you know what? You need to be civil. I’ve seen far too many players in football, basketball, and baseball act rudely to their parents and family after a tough loss.

Note to Athletes: Being rude to family after a tough loss, especially your parents, doesn’t make you a fierce competitor. It doesn’t make you an adult, a tough guy, or determined…It makes you look like an idiot. There is nothing classy about an idiot. If you find it impossible to be polite, if you find it to be impossible to be civil, then keep your yap shut…and above all be respectful.

As long as there are others going to work to keep you active, involved, and roof over your head…And no matter your politics…as long as there are American men and women on the battlefield…There will always be things more important than your feelings over the outcome of a ball game.

Stay thirsty my friends…


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