Vanessa Dwyer Pitches Vanguard to Victory

Former La Salle High School pitcher Vanessa Dwyer is now pitching for Vanguard University.

By Tim Peterson

(Costa Mesa) – Former La Salle/Temple City American pitcher Vanessa Dwyer is now in the circle for Vanguard University. Wednesday she threw five shutout innings, allowing just three hits in an 8-0 win over Antelope Valley College. Dwyer did not walk a batter and struck out two.

Dwyer, now a sophomore, improved to 16-3 on the season and has an ERA 0.95 which is tops in the Golden State Athletic Conference.

One of the biggest differences between high school and college for Dwyer is batting. On this level the pitchers just pitch, they don’t hit.

“I wish I could hit but I haven’t even had batting practice in two years. Usually when the team is hitting I’m practicing pitching,” Dwyer said.

With an ERA of under one and a record of 16-3 it looks like she is doing a pretty good job of just pitching.

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