Fanview Lite: May 17, 2010

Mid Valley Staffers: Josh Omelette, Wolfman Salas, & Sunshine Saile

T-Minus-115 Days until “The Mid Valley Classic”

Good Afternoon!

I understand I’m the football guy these days, but why isn’t the South El Monte girls softball team in the Mid Valley Top 20?

I’ve been told to get a candied apple at the Smudgepot game this fall. Have I been missing something last two years? When I cover that rivalry I’m just thrilled when I get parking anywhere within a five mile radius.

While we’re tracking “The Mid Valley Classic” between Arroyo and Temple City, the annual battle between San Dimas and Bonita is actually only 108-days away. With all the league shifting and schedule adjusting the Smudgepot has become a Zero Week affair.

Question: Are you supposed to like Wheat Thins or tolerate them? I’ve got people around me peddling these semi-crackers as a legitimate snack food for sports.

Lampost Pizza in El Monte comes through in the clutch last night…Now there’s a legitimate snack food for sports…and their wings are pretty good get it done as well.

Had to cough up some grub for the staff (they don’t work cheap)…We got about a dozen there, another half dozen were missing but Big Tony Solorzono took care of the excess… The dude’s a vacuum cleaner with teeth.

Former Bassett standout Matt Schuler showed up with a whole entourage but it was okay because the entourage made us look classy.

Since the Dodgers have now won seven in a row and climbed to with two games of the National League West lead, I believe it is time

Big Tony Zolorzano was a vacuum cleaner with teeth last night. Dude clears a table like a hurdler!

to shake off everything that so easily ensnares and say; Oh, I have always been a Dodgers fan!

That Celtic-Magic game looked like the old Boston Celtics; Nasty, gross, and frustrating for the more talented team. Not a pretty a thing if you are a die hard Lakers fan…

…Then again I’m no longer a die hard Lakers fan… Not since the salad days of Mike McGee and Larry Spriggs.

Burbank running back Leo Rodas still debating between college at Northridge or college and football at Dakota Wesleyan University. On the other hand, the Bulldogs Anthony Cervantes has signed with DWU….

…And Mark Keppel’s Andrew Hernandez verbally commited to DWU to run track.

So I’m dragging myself around San Gabriel all Saturday morning and key Mid Valley staffers Duane “Bad News” Barker and Tim Peterson are keeping a tee date on the golf on the golf course…Where is the passion?

San Marino running back Benny Hung is 18 today…

Our PSA of the Day:

Under the lights in the NEW MATADOR STADIUM: @ the alumni game on thursday June 10, 2010 @ 6pm!! The cost will be $20 (Includes: T-shirt, Game DVD, Matador Football Sticker, and Dinner) All funds will be used for the upcoming season, and to benefit the football players!! Hope to see you all there!! For more information… please contact, SG Football Head Coach “O” Jude Oliva (626) 485-7009 GO MATADORS!!

This is the event I’m, supposedly, to get three snaps at quarterback in. So let me place my order now: I want Mora and Matsuda in front of me. Juan Magallon, Alfred Varela, and Javier Miranda in the pattern…And to call my own plays.

Matt Schuler always looks good when next to Veronica and Maria

Speaking of quarterbacks it will be interesting to see how Mountain View quarterback Jason Cordero does this season running the double-wing for the Vikings.

Working in favor of Junkyard James Wilson’s new offensive scheme is the return of some seriously sized bubbas along the offensive. Chiefly in the form of 6’3” 205-pound Hector Alarcon.

Workman, Keppel, Sierra Vista, and Hoover are all on the Vikes non-league schedule. View is currently riding a 15-game losing streak after going winless in 2009, including 10 straight in the Mission Valley League.

So if I was going to the Lakers game tonight would I be athletically profiled based on what I wore?

Stay thirsty my friends…


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