The TEN: 7/26/2020

(“The TEN” is not a top ten but ten items worth being included in “The TEN”)

1. Washington’s number 2 overall pick, pass rusher Chase Young from Ohio State, signed a 4-year, $36.54 million contract.

2. “Dr. Fauci throws a baseball almost as bad as he handles a pandemic.” – Post on Twitter.

3. The New York Jets traded safety Jamal Adams to the Seattle Seahawks for safety Bradley McDougald and two first round draft picks and a third round pick over the next two years.

4. The New York Knicks hired Tom Thibodeau as their new head coach signing him to a five-year deal.

5. Kansas City Chiefs OL Laurent Duvernay-Tardif has opted out of the 2020 season, becoming the first NFL player to do so.

6. Clippers guard Lou Williams’ actions while on an excused absence from the Orlando Florida bubble are being investigated by the NBA. Williams reportedly was seen at an Atlanta gentleman’s club last Thursday night.

7. The Angels lost two out of three to the Oakland A’s over the weekend to open the 2020 season.

8. Washington quarterback Alex Smith has been cleared to play after breaking his leg in 2018.

9. The Dodgers won two of three from the San Francisco Giants heading into Sunday night’s game at Dodger Stadium.

10. The Chargers signed first round draft pick Justin Herbert to a 4-year deal worth more than $26 million.

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  1. Ron Vrooman, AHS stat man's Gravatar Ron Vrooman, AHS stat man
    July 28, 2020 - 8:21 pm | Permalink

    @ My Two Cents: Truer words have hardly ever been written or spoken. Nice job.

  2. Ron Vrooman, AHS stat man's Gravatar Ron Vrooman, AHS stat man
    July 28, 2020 - 7:41 pm | Permalink

    Those Florida strip clubs have become real hot spots, just not in a way that was originally intended.

  3. ?'s Gravatar ?
    July 28, 2020 - 3:33 pm | Permalink

    It is shocking that young millionaires playing baseball will sneak out at night to go to strip clubs. But high school teenage boys and girls they are different. They will behave and social distance 24/7.

  4. Ron Vrooman, AHS stat man's Gravatar Ron Vrooman, AHS stat man
    July 27, 2020 - 8:10 pm | Permalink

    According to Roman Stubbs of the Washington Post, at least 13 members of the Miami Marlins have tested positive for the coronavirus. We’re likely to find out pretty soon what the implications could be for major league baseball as a whole.

  5. SGV's Gravatar SGV
    July 27, 2020 - 6:38 pm | Permalink

    With sports on the bench I have taken to reading Covid numbers like baseball stats: L.A. and Anaheim are off to horrible starts, huge numbers. SRO at their stadiums (hospitals) and the expensive seats(ICU) are hard to come by. San Diego also bad and getting lots of players (positives)from Mexico. San Francisco and Oakland not selling out their seats(beds) but they are getting there. New York, Boston and DC are way ahead of everyone else. Arizona and Texas are buried(bad pun) in the cellar with Florida underneath them. But the good news for Florida is they can still go to Disneyland and go get there beer on at the local strip club bar.

  6. Ron Vrooman, AHS stat man's Gravatar Ron Vrooman, AHS stat man
    July 27, 2020 - 2:26 pm | Permalink

    @ SoCal: I appreciate your kind words; I just do the best I can.
    I hope we can have a football season during second semester, but you might be right. We’re starting the new school year with some more distance learning, and no one has any idea when it will be safe to reopen campuses for regular instruction.
    We have a long way to go.

  7. My Two Cents's Gravatar My Two Cents
    July 27, 2020 - 1:43 pm | Permalink

    It is just human nature to have a little of hypocrite in all of us, then there are those that are just hypocrites. You can choose who you want to listen to on this Pandemic, an epidemic specialist who has been at his job for forty years and served under numerous left and right presidents or number forty-five, whom I would question if he even graduated high school legitimately. Dr. Fauci advised the country to go into lockdown mode, practice social distancing, and wear our masks. Meanwhile, the POTUS encouraged his supporters to protest against the lockdown and not wear their masks. For that reason, most of the country had to re-entered into lockdown mode again. Is Dr. Fauci to blame? The doctor is now advising schools shouldn’t re-start in the Fall. Yet again, our POTUS and Betty DeVos, are telling parents that it is safe to return to school. Not a matter of if but when the pandemic goes out of control again, guess who Trump and his supporters are going to blame once again? From the beginning, Dr. Fauci had said that the NBA is the league that would be considered the safest base on their protocols. Of the over 350 players tested last week, zero were positive. Meanwhile, MLB had to postpone two games today and almost every team has had numerous positive tests. We can expect the same from the NFL. Regardless if you are left or right, shouldn’t common sense prevail? I know that is probably a dumb question.

  8. DrFauci's Gravatar DrFauci
    July 27, 2020 - 10:28 am | Permalink

    MLB had to cancel games today. The only sport that is getting it right is the NBA. The NBA has the best leadership, all the other organization has bad leadership: NFL, MLB, NCAA, and MLS. We know what bad leadership does in crisis, 4M cases and 150,000 deaths. We knew that MLB has bad leadership but the virus expose him and all the other bad leaders out there from superintendents to the president of the United States. I am A scientist and I only could give you the facts and what will happen, it’s up to the leaders to lead.

  9. Anonymous's Gravatar Anonymous
    July 27, 2020 - 12:44 am | Permalink

    So apparently Dr. Fauci is getting the blame for the pandemic. Glad to know that the radical right still has the blinders onz

  10. SoCal's Gravatar SoCal
    July 26, 2020 - 10:13 pm | Permalink

    @Ron the stat man, I love your post. You are educated and more importantly you can see pass all this minutia that this administration is putting out there. This the year 20/20 and ironically It pills back what discrimination is and who is really racist.
    Ram fan is a racist, but more importantly you are taught to be racist. This post might not get published, but you know and I know who the racist are. You just have to read the posts or any of the readings and you can figure it out.
    PS, I don’t think high school football will not be back until the fall of 2021.

  11. Anonymous's Gravatar Anonymous
    July 26, 2020 - 7:23 pm | Permalink

    Dr. Fauci gets the blame for the pandemic fiasco! Now we know.

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