RamView/FanView: 3/15/2023

The Rams have 11 picks—for the sixth time this century…
They’re under the salary cap…
And the NFL Offseason proves to be far more important than the NBA’s stretch rung, MLB, the WBC, and the NHL…
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1 Comment to "RamView/FanView: 3/15/2023"

  1. Leviticus11: 7-8's Gravatar Leviticus11: 7-8
    March 20, 2023 - 8:26 am | Permalink

    Right, the football draft is so cool! Give me the high drama of the rumor mill incessantly grinding, the unending speculation based on emotion and feeling, the back-biting and interpersonal tensions, the glitz and glamor of the draft’s red carpet, the pancake make-up of said commentators, and/or the ersatz enthusiasm for discussions on who the Jaguars will pick in the 6th round. This is all so much better than actual, meaningful athletic competition. Even the NBA’s stretch “rung” [sic].

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