The TEN: 6/2/2023

(“The TEN” is not a top ten but ten items worth being included in “The TEN’)

  1. The Denver Nuggets beat the Miami Heat 104-93 Thursday night in Game 1 of the NBA Finals.
  2. The Detroit Pistons signed former Phoenix Suns head coach Monty Williams to a six-year, $78.5 million deal to be their head coach. 
  3. Dodgers’ pitcher Noah Syndergaard has a 6.54 ERA this season. 
  4. UCLA’s Adem Bona is withdrawing from the 2023 NBA Draft and will return for his sophomore year. 
  5. The LA Galaxy fired team President Chris Klein Wednesday. Klein has served in the role since January 2013.  
  6. The Dodgers open a three-game series with the New York Yankees Friday night at Dodger Stadium. 
  7. South Hills lost to Calabasas 6-3 Thursday in the CIF State SoCal DII baseball regional title game. 
  8. On this day in 1935 Babe Ruth announced his retirement from baseball at the age of 40. 
  9. Happy Birthday to former Bonita head football coach Eric Podley who celebrated June 1. 
  10. “I know, but I had a better year than Hoover.”-Babe Ruth when a reporter objected that the salary Ruth was demanding ($80,000) was more than that of President Herbert Hoover’s ($75,000).

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  1. Detached Observer's Gravatar Detached Observer
    June 3, 2023 - 1:00 am | Permalink

    And that means they’ve actually hired someone????
    Giving them too much credit

  2. Mid Valley Fan's Gravatar Mid Valley Fan
    June 2, 2023 - 11:54 pm | Permalink

    Who the new Bassett coach? Bassetthsactivities on instagram has a date where practice has started and come out and meet new coach

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