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The Peterson Principle: 8/13/2018

San Dimas O-Line: TE-Nick Sloan, Tackles- John Egan, Fadi Zaki, Guards- Chris Diaz, Fred Salazar, C- Nico Guerra By Tim Peterson The high school football season kicks off Thursday night. Don’t forget your peanuts, popcorn and…sunscreen. That’s right, sunscreen. With opening night moved up two weeks temperatures will be in the nineties when the ball […]

The Peterson Principle: 7/4/2018

By Tim Peterson Transfers don’t really bother me anymore. I’ll admit they used to back in the day. It was kind of disheartening to see a kid have a big year at Monrovia one season and then wearing a Cathedral uniform the next.

The Peterson Principle: 5/28/2018

By Tim Peterson For the last week or so I’ve been asked several times who looked good at the Charter Oak Tournament. Well, there was this school called Alemany. It looked really good.

The Peterson Principle: 4/24/2018

By Tim Peterson Everybody’s returning to their roots. Josh Knight is back at Baldwin Park, Travis Brown has returned to Los Altos and Riley Saxon came back as the HC at Temple City last year. Now If I can just get Singiser out at Arroyo I can make my coaching debut at the old alma […]

The Peterson Principle: 4/3/2018

By Tim Peterson Dave Roberts may not be concerned, the Dodgers medical staff may be not be concerned, but I am concerned about Kenley Jansen.

The Peterson Principle: 2/28/2018

By Tim Peterson Raise your hand if you predicted at the start of the season that the top two teams in the Montview League and and the second place team in the Miramonte League would be in the CIF Finals. Okay, put your hands down. You’re lying.

The Peterson Principle: 1/31/2018

By Tim Peterson Something good came out of El Rancho High School Teacher Gregory Salcido’s anti-military rant to his history class recently.

The Peterson Principle: 12/25/2017

By Tim Peterson With the off season comes the annual coaching changes. There have been five coaches locally who have either resigned or have been fired so far and counting.

The Peterson Principle: 12/09/2017

By Tim Peterson The Final Four was announced this week with Clemson, Oklahoma, Georgia and Alabama making the cut. Cajon got screwed.

The Peterson Principle: 11/20/2017

By Tim Peterson Nathan Peterman just threw another pick…