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The Peterson Principle: 4/3/2018

By Tim Peterson Dave Roberts may not be concerned, the Dodgers medical staff may be not be concerned, but I am concerned about Kenley Jansen.

The Peterson Principle: 2/28/2018

By Tim Peterson Raise your hand if you predicted at the start of the season that the top two teams in the Montview League and and the second place team in the Miramonte League would be in the CIF Finals. Okay, put your hands down. You’re lying.

The Peterson Principle: 1/31/2018

By Tim Peterson Something good came out of El Rancho High School Teacher Gregory Salcido’s anti-military rant to his history class recently.

The Peterson Principle: 12/25/2017

By Tim Peterson With the off season comes the annual coaching changes. There have been five coaches locally who have either resigned or have been fired so far and counting.

The Peterson Principle: 12/09/2017

By Tim Peterson The Final Four was announced this week with Clemson, Oklahoma, Georgia and Alabama making the cut. Cajon got screwed.

The Peterson Principle: 11/20/2017

By Tim Peterson Nathan Peterman just threw another pick…

The Peterson Principle: 10/22/2017

By Tim Peterson We still have two weeks left in the regular season but it looks like everything is settled. Let’s take a league inventory:

The Peterson Principle: 9/25/2017

By Tim Peterson You want to see something really scary? No it’s not Pedro Baez coming in from the bullpen. It’s even more frightening. La Mirada, Monrovia and West Covina are all 0-5.

The Peterson Principle: 8/30/2017

By Tim Peterson Okay I missed a couple last week. Yeah I had El Monte over Baldwin Park, but the Lions did pick up some yards on the ground. If Jesse Ceniceros’ crew could have avoided the fumbles, they might have pulled it off. But where did I really biff it? That would be taking […]

The Peterson Principle: 8/6/2017

By Tim Peterson Overheard at Los Angeles Chargers camp last weekend by a known sports radio personality. “We’re going to do a segment on the four best quarterbacks in LA. You wanna hear them? Here they are. “1. Philip Rivers 2. Sam Darnold 3. Josh Rosen 4. Jared Goff.”