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The Peterson Principle: 9/5/2021

By Tim Peterson So I’m in Pasadena Friday night watching the Bulldogs do their thing and I receive a text saying that El Monte PA Announcer John Kovac said over the loudspeaker that myself, Duane Barker, Joe Torosian and Rich Whittington were all there covering the El Monte-San Marino game.

The Peterson Principle: 8/18/2021

By Tim Peterson It’s still hard to believe that Arroyo, Rosemead, El Monte, South El Monte and Mt. View haven’t played a football game since 2019. There’s been a few changes since then.

The Peterson Principle: 7/5/2021

By Tim Peterson The Dodgers have won nine straight, the NBA Finals are set, and the Summer Olympics are just a couple of weeks away. So of course we’ll talk some high school football.

The Peterson Principle: 2/29/2016

This is a column I wrote February 29, 2016, six days after my dad passed away. In honor of him and with Father’s Day being celebrated this Sunday I thought I’d post it again.  By Tim Peterson He loved me so much that he once got tossed out of a junior high basketball game because […]

The Peterson Principle: 4/6/2021

By Tim Peterson In a local high school game last Friday night the quarterback scrambled to his right, beat the corner to the edge and began to head up field. And just as he was ready to break away he dropped the ball…no defender around…he just dropped it and the opponent recovered.

The Peterson Principle: 3/27/2021

By Tim Peterson I had to fill out a google form and send it in by e mail the week of the event. I had to wear a mask the entire contest. I had to have a temperature check at the gate. Then I was escorted to my seat for the first high school football […]

The Peterson Principle: 3/17/2021

By Tim Peterson High School football season has finally kicked off. There were just a few games last week in what I’m calling Zero Week and then its gets underway in earnest this week. There will however be a couple of hiccups along the way.

The Peterson Principle: 3/3/2021

By Tim Peterson So everything is set and all of the high schools are ready to kick off the football season the weekend of March 12th. Uh, not so fast.

The Peterson Principle: 2/25/2021

By Tim Peterson I’ve been thinking about this all week. The Indianapolis Colts completely robbed the Philadelphia Eagles. The only things missing were a mask and a gun.

The Peterson Principle: 2/10/2021

By Tim Peterson 20 years from now people will be talking about how Tom Brady played in his tenth Super Bowl in 2021 and won his seventh. There will be no mention of the words “rigged” or “fixed”, just that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers won the game.