Quick Slants – West Covina vs Covina

Overtime scrum for a touchdown. (Photo by Anne Cypress)

What a scene for the game last night. Very much like a championship atmosphere.

Covina’s Billy Livingston is the real deal. Not like that is breaking news. But to see his maturity show in near the end of the first half and the second half makes the Colts very dangerous in the Mid Valley Division.

The Covina defense began with a 3-4 defense, then to a 4-4 during the game and continued to rotate between both. It didn’t allow West Covina a large rushing gain early on.

Jon Najera started the game at quarterback for the Bulldogs, but Chris Caballero seemed to be the man down the stretch for West Covina.

Jimmy Frazier high-steppin' to "pay dirt". (Photo by Anne Cypress)

The Chris Solomon injury in the first quarter showed us how deep the running back corp for the Bulldogs is. Aaron Salgado is that bruising backer that just wears down a defense and Jimmy Frazier is quick and gobbles up yards in a hurry.

The referees allowed both teams to hit all night. As Joe Torosian said, “these guys will need an ice bath today.” The game did get chippy in the second quarter.

The fumble by West Covina near the end of the first half changed the momentum back to Covina. Livingston’s pass to Justin Mason needed to be perfect as the coverage by the Bulldog defender was nearly flawless.

I have a feeling that Bradley Ojala will have a big year for West Covina, especially if Carballero is allowed to go linear. Ojala hauled in the first touchdown of the night.

Great team effort by the Bulldogs on third touchdown drive as Aaron Franklin’s big yards after catch came in part to the block of Frazier in the open field.

Both late scores by the Colts came on coverage mix-ups by West Covina. Livingston still needed to be perfect on the throws though, which Peter De La Cruz and Vinny Venegas caught nicely.

Peter De La Cruz puts the move on Wesco defender. (Photo by Anne Cypress)

While Ojala caught the ball inside the Covina 20-yard line, Bulldog players were frantically calling time out as Ojala was stood up by three or four Colts defenders. The problem for West Covina was that Ojala had yet to be signaled down until time expired.

Not to harp, but line judge did need help on the first down inside the five-yard line in overtime when the Bulldogs had the ball in the overtime. Don’t understand how he had eyes in the back of his head to see where Salgado went out of bounds. Also, the cleat marks clearly showed he was short of the marker but the spot was bad.

Of course, the line judge also called the touchdown which didn’t look to cross the plain. The ref on the Covina sideline didn’t signal a touchdown.

I know not supposed to say it but Nick Hines is a “man-beast.”

Lonzell Barnett made some great catches on the offensive side of the ball.

West Covina can take away of the fact they ride a 15 game winning streak heading into a tough game against Loyola. Covina is definitely the favorite heading into the Valle Vista League portion of the schedule.

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