Fanview Lite: January 3, 2012

Robledo is everywhere!

Kick it!

Go Michigan!

Note to Those Interested: Jason Heilman was a unanimous pick among The Mid staff…

Carlos Purser didn’t get enough credit for the job he did heading the San Gabriel defense line in 2011

Go Detroit! Beat New Orleans!

Stanford kicker Jordan Williamson is the reason I believe a rule should be implemented making kickers and punters one of a team’s 22 starters. Eliminate the specialists, because no matter how much we attempt the touchy-feely-win as a team-lose as a team mantra…It’s not true when it comes to the kicker. Jordan Williamson lost the Fiesta Bowl for his team last night. Lost it.

In the old days a quarterback was expected to handle kicking duties…and here’s something else, by eliminating the specialists you’ll get less field goals and more touchdowns.

I’ll take Rosemead’s Matt Koffler in the Iowa Caucuses today.

Safety Ryan Clark doesn’t play in high altitude, Ben Roethlisberger still hobbling, and now Rashard Mendenhall is done for the season…Mmm? Okay I like the Steelers 28-7 against the Broncos this weekend.

Abandoning Tim Tebow? No…It’s just I never said he was a great quarterback; lousy motion/soft arm…On the other hand if you are going to play to his strengths you can’t wait until you are in third and long before you let him throw. Not trying to sound too much like an Oliva or MacMillan, but play-action for Denver works better on first and 10, not third and 13.

Whatever happened to Smush Parker?

We’re doing a “Newcomer of the Year” award for both the Southeast and Mid-Valley divisions…first one will be announced tomorrow…the second on Friday…

Stevie R. writes college football for the Trib, but it’s always Pants Robledo’s mug I see on the field every year after the game.

Note to Matt Flynn: Stay in Green Bay…Don’t test the waters…put in ten years behind Aaron Rodgers and go on to become a head coach in the NFL.

Reason 47 for hating fantasy football? Peterson, who never made the playoffs prior to this season, won the Mid Valley championship…The world has gone insane.

I agree with Villathedevil on this one…The chains on the final play at the Rose Bowl weren’t set. Welcome the correction, but the chains have to be set before the clock starts after a first down…The ref was clearly starting the clock before the sideline crew was set…Wisconsin should have had one more play…With that said…

Oh, I’ve always been an Oregon Ducks fan.

I knew Desmond Reed had a great year for Azusa…I knew he scored 36 touchdowns…but it didn’t hit me until now…The dude scored 36 touchdowns…

The staff has decided, but I’m still on the fence for Southeast coach of the year…

Final Note to Matt Flynn: On second thought Jason Garrett took that route, so take all the money you can now and buy a house in Solvang.

The Dude abides…


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