The TEN: 3/27/ 2012



(“The Ten” is not a top ten, but ten items worth being included in The TEN)

1.) “Why does every scandal have to end with the word ‘gate’?” —NFL Network’s Rich Eisen.

2.) On this date in 2009 Jude Oliva returned to San Gabriel as offensive coordinator after spending the four previous days as a member of Anthony White’s staff at Temple City.

3.) Former Azusa Aztec standout Kendrec McDade dead at 20.

4.) “The reason I am pacific-time-zone-centric is because… pacific time is better. Obviously.” — Yahoo senior sports writer Michael Silver

5.) “Late night studying allows my brain to fully grasp the concepts of physiology in deeper detail.” — Arroyo QB Steven Rivera.

6.) Temple City’s Michael Bassette bests Monrovia’s Ellis McCarthy by two feet, 52-50, in Rio Hondo League meet last Thursday.

7.) “They don’t like the fact that I go home to the same lady every night and have for twenty-nine years. They don’t like that I’ve been a dad and I’ve been there for my kids.
They don’t like that I’ve been in the spotlight but haven’t stumbled. I think there’s a group of people who would like to see me come down.” — Craig James

8.) In the last ten years the team with the best record in the NBA has only won the title twice.

9.) Former USC/New York Giants/ Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Steve Smith signs with the St. Louis Rams.

10.) Texas


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