Fanview Lite: May 1, 2012

Dominic Angelo has been around so long he was a graduate assistant for Knute Rockne.

Kick it!

I don’t want to be Negative Nate here but the first order of business for Magic Johnson and his rich friends should be to go out and acquire another bat for the team in Chavez Ravine…After Kemp and Ethier the line up looks weaker than today’s Occupy protest.

Ever added up the local football stadiums you’ve been to for a game, and those you haven’t?

Charter Oak, Diamond Bar, and Rowland are the first that come to mind. Now that I think of it, I’ve never done a game at Northview, Crescenta Valley, Burbank, or Workman. What’s with that?

More schools should do food truck festivals like El Monte football is doing on May 10th (5:30 P.M.) on campus…This the kind of fundraiser I can believe, am so down with the get down on this one.

Matt Koffler has confirmed that he was contacted but has turned down the offer to be Mitt Romney’s running mate.

Peter Lambert or Josh Avila? Who’s the next starting quarterback at San Dimas?

I need to see a birth certificate! I’m a total birther…I want to see a birth certificate and I want to see it now…Why? Northview Vikings OC Dominic Angelo looks exactly like he looked when I met him in 2000. The dude never changes.

Angelo is either a descendant of the Dunedain or he’s an ailen.

Last Add El Monte: I know I’ve been hard on El Monte football this past week…but Ruth Chris is on the line and I want the Lions inspired.

Oh, I’ve always been a Clippers fan.

Speaking of which; I’ve met more life long Clippers fans this season combined than I have over the last twenty-five years. And their honest too, they say they’ve been following the team since it moved here from San Diego…in 1969!!!

Note to the New York Knicks: Is there some way I can be funny too?

Who is the guy Mike McFarland has up his sleeve to play quarterback for Temple City?

Maybe Albert Puljos needs a night off…just for the record he hasn’t driven in a run since April 15th…Dust off Tony Solita, he could use a few at-bats.

I was looking at Paraclete’s roster, you know, the guys they have coming back next fall and this scripture came to mind.

“Like whirlwinds sweeping through the southland, an invader comes from the desert, from a land of terror.” —Isaiah 21:1

That is Paraclete, and were not even talking Sierra Canyon yet. There will be 33 teams in the new Mid-Valley Division…30 of them will be playing for the final semi-final spot.

Next week we’ll talk about Viewpoint.

Rosemead’s Dominic Salas breaks out this year…I’ve decided this is going to happen. And if I’ve decided for Salas, then I’ve also decided for Bonita’s Reggie Turner.

Last Add Stadiums: …and if you tell me that you’ve seen football games at Workman, Crescenta Valley, Burbank, and/or Northview I want to know what strange brew you’ve been drinking.

I love the Rams draft…By the time they get to the City of Industry they are going to be awesome.

Note to Jimmy Kimmel: Jack with Reagan, jack with Ford, Carter, Johnson, Bush, Nixon, Clinton, or Eisenhower…jack with Kennedy…but don’t ever jack with Abraham Lincoln!

The Dude abides…


Jeremiah 29:13

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