The TEN: 6/1/2012


(“The Ten” is not a top ten, but ten items worth being included in The TEN)

1.) “100,000 high school seniors, 9,000 will become college football players, 215 become NFL players = 2.4%. Life is more than ball get a degree!”— Vanderbilt assistant Barlow Gattis

2.) ”You’ve just got to come ready to play. It’s the finals. You’re going to be jacked up, you’re going to be nervous. You could have this game anywhere in the world and I think guys are going to be nervous going into it just because of what’s on the line and where you’re at and what’s at stake.”— Los Angeles Kings defenseman Matt Greene.

3.) The CIF Division V Softball Final between LaCanada and Beaumont this Saturday is a rematch of last year’s final between LaCanada and Beaumont. The 2011 title was decided by the Spartans Anna Edwards solo home run in the third inning that gave LC a 1-0 victory.

4.) Angels first baseman Albert Pujols: 206 at-bats, 8 home runs, 28 Rbis, .243 batting average.

5.) “In N Out never gets old.”— Former South Hills quarterback Cameron Deen.

6.) Former Bonita football HC Eric Podley turns 54 today.

7.) “When longtime Kings fans say that what’s happening is a like a dream, I understand, I’ve been there. I felt it. I can’t believe what’s going on now.”— Former player/current L.A. King assistant coach Bernie Nicholls.

8.) “Get to the point will you Jim…”— Tim Conway sound cut from “The Jim Healy Show”.

9.) La Puente Warriors (junior) Trenchman/Bad Dude in residence Henry Duong.

10.) “I’m just happy and blessed that I’m getting the opportunity to get looked at and showcase myself in front of these schools.”—Pasadena quarterback Brandon Cox on getting scholarship offers from Iowa State and Maryland.

Pasadena QB Brandon Cox


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