Fanview Lite: September 17, 2009

EMHS lineman Jose Gutierrez circa 1976

EMHS lineman Jose Gutierrez circa 1976

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Why do all the South Hills quarterbacks through the years have names that sound like characters from “The Magnificent Seven”? To be a Huskie QB you have to have talent and a cool name like Brock Booth, Cameron Deen, Nick Lamaison, Brandon Parham…etc…etc…

On this date in 1976 Arroyo snapped a 15-game losing streak with an 8-7 win over El Monte. Trailing 7-0 with 2:46 remaining in the fourth quarter Knights quarterback Danny Aguirre scored on a 12-yard run. Still down by a point Arroyo scored the deuce for the game winner when halfback Louie Rios hit Sam Provenza on an option pass.

The Lions took the lead in the third when Victor Salmon scored on a one-yard run.

Arroyo would finish 1976 2-7, while for EM it was the third loss of an eventual 19-game losing streak that would extend into week nine of 1977

The ESPN interview of former Detroit Lions top pick Charles Rogers was wonderful and awful all at the same time.

I didn’t want to hear about Rogers dream to return to the NFL and what it would mean to him, when he’s already the father of seven children at the age of 28. His dreams, his desire to remove the bust label doesn’t matter. It would have been much better to hear him say he would do whatever it takes to provide for his kids, but he didn’t say that.

On the other hand good work to ESPN on the piece for showing no one should even be flirting with drugs…

Why would anyone want to legalize that stuff?

Last Add Arroyo-El Monte 1976: El Monte would snap it’s 19-game losing streak with a 10-0 victory over (everyones friend) Mark Keppel.

Of course I’m not an Angel fan but the game last night in Fenway was madness…

Did you know, according to MaxPreps, there are 29 high schools in America named Wilson?

Lost in Rosemead’s comeback over Covina last week was the solid play of Colt sophomore Peter De La Cruz.

Would it be wrong to ever say to ESPN’s Erin Andrews; “It’s good to see you.” Could you get in trouble for that?

More on this tomorrow, but did you know Monrovia won 11 of its first 12 meetings with Rosemead?

I agree with Panther fans who say we have been remiss in failing to mention the play of senior stud Conrado Simpson who caught a pass for 37-yards, rushed the ball twice for six, added a sack, and was in on eight tackles.

Of course no mention of Rosemead-Monrovia is complete without giving a nod to the Panthers linebacker Edward McMillan who decleated the ‘Cats Jermele Barnes with a block on a punt return in the 2003 game.  The hit was vicious, best described to locals as Efrain Oquendoesque… I remember thinking Barnes was dead… He wasn’t of course, even came off the field on his own power.

By the way Rosemead won 21-7 at M-Town.

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