The TEN: 2/21/2014



(“The Ten” is not a top ten, but ten items worth being included in The TEN)

1.) Former Temple City offensive lineman Mike O’Malley turns 28.

2.) “If (Roger) Goodell gave a hoot, he would do away with locker rooms. Let everyone dress at home and go home to shower cause feelings are being hurt!”—Dennis Miller on Miami Dolphin locker room situation.

3.)Tell me? How Many Kids Do arroyo Have Going D1 in The Fall ?”—MVS commentor “football 101”
From T. Peterson: “Tell me. How many kids does any school in the SGV have going D1 in the Fall?”

4.) USA…Canada…Hockey…

5.) Gahr quarterback (sophomore to be) Kobee Lagarde 5-10, 175, 2013 stats: 88 of 181 for 927, 10 touchdowns, 13 interceptions.

6.) On this date in 2012 ESPN apologizes for “Chink in the armor” headline in regards to then New York Knick guard Jeremy Lin. Fires headline writer Max Bretos (whose wife is Asian).

7.) “Look for some familiar names to pop up in local coaching vacancies.”—”1Sixty5” in email to Joe T.

8.) The Atlanta Braves and shortstop Andrelton Simmons agree on a $58 million, seven-year contract.

9.) Montebell Oilers running back (junior to be) Isaac Mendibles returns as the Mid-Valley Divisions leading rusher. 2013 stats: 1,775 yards & 19 touchdowns.

10.) On this date in 1885 the Washington Monument is dedicated.

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