Fanview Lite: April 3, 2014

Cantwell QB Matt Valencia---photo courtesy of Cantwell Football.

Cantwell QB Matt Valencia—photo courtesy of Cantwell Football.

“There’s a battle outside…And it is ragin’

It’ll soon shake your windows…And rattle your walls

For the times they are a-changin’.”—Bob Dylan

Kick it!

Angels pitching…Makes you feel good to know there are still things you can count on in this world. I hear Paul Hartzell will be starting next, and Andy Hassler is available for relief.

Even with lax transfer rules, what I preached in this column years ago still holds true. The only, purest, free agent in the high school ranks is the assistant coach. I find the stories of guys like “Gypsy” John Tuttle (now the HC at Glendale), Matt “Suave One” Lopez (now the proud owner of a CIF ring), and Dominic Angelo (now in C-Town) the most interesting of all.

Angelo, who departed as Northview’s OC at the end of 2013, is now the quarterbacks/running backs coach at Covina. He’ll also be working with special teams. For Angelo 2014 will be his 24th season coaching football. His stops have included: Charter Oak (first job), Walnut, Cantwell, La Puente, Monrovia, Northview, and now Covina.

Forget about the head coaches if you want stories. Assistants that have been everywhere, like Angelo, have them all. They’re free agents, for the most part, coming and going as they please. Gold, to any program that has them. Maybe the expression “salt of the earth” applies, but then again they can be a little rowdy.

Speaking of assistants Los Altos alum and former UCLA defensive end Brigham Harwell has joined the Cantwell staff. Harwell will be running his “Trench Hog Camp” for linemen on campus…More information to come on that.

And since we’re in Montebello and cruising down Garfield we might want to mention Cantwell Cardinals quarterback Matthew Valencia. Valencia has decent size, pushing 6-feet, with ten games, 1,497 passing yards, and 12 touchdown tosses under his belt. What stood out for me was he only threw 12 picks as a first year starter for a team that wasn’t very good, 2-8 overall.

He’ll be an interesting follow in 2014.

…But can somebody tell me where I have to go if I want to follow La Salle? No longer in the Del Rey? Where have they landed? Do I need Time Warner see them in 2014? Scoop? Story? I’m behind on this.

Speaking of 2014, former Monrovia offensive tackle Isaac Miravet, who signed with Azusa Pacific a year ago and suffered a catastrophic knee injury(?), is planning a come back this fall by enrolling at Mt. Sac and playing football.

Story of the year if it comes about.

Last Add Interceptions: We all know El Monte offensive coordinator Brian Tabatabai’s opinion on going 1-9. We know the Lions defense gave up a butt load of points. We know EMHS finished 2013 with a 1-9 record…But think about this…For a team going through the football equivalent of the trials of Job, its quarterbacks Adrian Cuevas (first half of the season) and Edward Dominguez (second half of the season) combined to only throw 13 interceptions. Think about all the games where these inexperienced starters were playing from behind and having to go down field. Only 13 interceptions? That’s incredible.

Countering those 13 picks were a combined 13 touchdown passes, completion percentages on the right side of 50 percent for both of them, over a thousand yards passing for both of them…It gets me thinking…Does it get you thinking?

I’m ready to read “Showtime” by Jeff Pearlman…I’m just not ready to lay out the thirty bucks for the privilege.

Did you know Norwalk’s Rashaad Penny, who signed with San Diego State, was listed as only the 63rd best prospect in California by Rivals.Com? Not an indictment against Rivals, but an indication of how competitive the market is for an athletic scholarship…Something for everyone to keep in mind.

“MuirForLife” sent me this note: “Joe things are just beginning at Muir. Coach Hardy is going to win a CIF title real soon.”

Coach Hardy, is John Hardy…and I’m inclined to agree…as long as the banana republic politics of Pasadena don’t get in the way. That’s a skinny tightrope to walk.

From “@JoeT” in yesterday’s column: “Now that Baldwin Park has moved divisions. Where do you see them finishing. Any word on who’s returning for them.”

I’ve always had a leaning towards Baldwin Park going back to when Rick Ward took over in the early 2000’s. Not that I’ve ever scored a free meal (and a free meal goes a long way in getting my undying support), but because I’ve always viewed them as a sleeping giant.

The talent is there (Barraza, Miller, Abston)…but the move to the Montview is interesting. We talked about this on the show last Tuesday night…If the Northwest remains in its current form (which that is anyone’s guess now) I could see the Braves knocking heads (competing) straight up with anybody in the division. The exception being the Tri-Valley beasts of Nordhoff, Bishop Diego, and Oak Park.

This is based on Daniel Al-gattas and the BP program being supported and joined at the hip for a long ride.

Last Add Beasts: Nordhoff lost its head coach this off season and Oak Park not only lost its head coach but is also scheduled to leave the Tri-Valley and the Northwest.


In regards to Nelson Cruz: El Mero Mero!

In regards to DeSean Jackson: He ruined my fantasy football team a few years ago. Yes the Lord forgives, but when my fantasy team loses I’m a little more hard-nosed about it.

In regards to NBA Referee Dick Bavetta’s Iron Man Streak which began in 1975: I didn’t even know the dude was still alive.

In regards to “Survivor”: One of the greatest tribal councils ever.

In regards to the Maranatha job: I’ll take it.

The Dude abides…


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