Fanview Lite: April 29, 2014

If Burroughs HC Keith Knoop wants to hold this trophy again, any time soon, he needs to find a quarterback. The Indians have lacked serious passing game since Lucas Yanez's departure after the 2010 season.

If Burroughs HC Keith Knoop wants to hold this trophy again, any time soon, he needs to find a quarterback. The Indians have lacked a serious passing game since Lucas Yanez’s departure after the 2010 season.

“How can the life of such a man

Be in the palm of some fool’s hand?”—Bob Dylan

Kick it!

Oh, I’ve always been a Dee Gordon fan.

The silver lining in the Donald Sterling situation? He just turned 80, he’s not under 60, and he’s not a radically successful 35. He’s among the dying dinosaurs with no place to rest their way of thinking. Time and technology has weeded him out.

I don’t care about the NBA. From top to bottom the league is terrible…but I really like Doc Rivers. If there is anybody that looks professional, classy, in all of this controversy it is Rivers.

Probably the best question in regards to Sterling is how do you make it sting? You can’t fine him…I mean after all does the NBA want to look as bad as the NAACP by taking his money? Taking a chunk of Sterling’s money doesn’t do anything.

Taking his team, changing its name, offering it to Magic Johnson’s group and then relocating them to the Honda Center, then you might have something. The Clippers don’t have much a history to begin with, but erase what they do have and give the players and fans a fresh start with a new name, new colors, and new home.

An hour after this column is published, the NBA is expected to render a verdict.

I didn’t get any names, but second hand and information tells me Temple City will begin interviewing for a head football coach this week. The number I got was roughly 20. So if initial interviews are this week, followed by a second for a select group, and a smaller third for finalists. Then you have school board meeting and the Rams should have a head coach in place…by the beginning of June.

…Hello Blair…

Sharkey's Bistro: 520 S Glenoaks Boulevard Burbank, CA 91502

(Click Pic) Sharkey’s Bistro: 520 S Glenoaks Boulevard Burbank, CA 91502

Note to Burroughs HC Keith Knoop and Burbank HC Richard Broussard: Have you guys hit Sharkey’s Bistro on Glenoaks? Boom!

The Hall of Fame rosters were supposed to come out today, but we are looking at Friday now.

Former Duarte HC Jason Martin is now at UCLA. Congrats.

I understand an endorsement from me is akin to the kiss of death (see Tamar Hill & La Canada girls basketball) and I’ve done this before with Valley Christian, but the Crusaders truly might be the team to beat in the Olympic.

VC returns its leading passer, rusher (Jonathan Nicholson might be the best back no one knows about), receiver, tackler, sacks guy, and interceptor from a team that only went 5-7 overall in 2013 but reached the second round of the Northwest Division playoffs. It also returns the bulk of its bubbas.

Note to Valley Christian: Sorry if I hexed your season.

So looking forward to tomorrow’s CIF meeting in Long Beach…I hear there might be scones.

Last Add Burroughs: Best news for Knoop might be the return of a pair of bubbas on the left side of his offensive line. Guard Anthony Olea, 6-0 260, and tackle Andrew Mills, 6-0 280.

Speaking of Bubbas: There’s still plenty of talent at Crescenta Valley, but Paul Schilling needs to find a couple of them to place in and around Davo Hakobyan, 6-2 245 (maybe the best trenchman no one knows about).

Really Last Add Burroughs: Knoop needs to find a new quarterback.

When you look at Carl Crawford’s numbers this year it just reminds you of one thing…$21-million these days doesn’t buy what it used to. When I was growing up my Mom would leave me a million bucks and I get a dozen donuts, three cream puffs, and coke from the Helms Bakery guy and still get back change enough change to go to the movies with.


In regards to Sterling: “I dislike racism but if there is one thing I dislike equally if not more its an evil person. There is without question in my mind the girl friend is evil.”—MVS commenter “My Two Cents”

In regards to the St. Louis/Los Angeles Rams uniforms: “A ton of votes for blue and white throwbacks. I’m with you on that and we are working on that as an option long-term.”—Rams executive Kevin Demoff tweeted on April 23.

In regards to the L.A. Kiss game: “Their cupcake in a cage is better looking than ours.”—MVS Staffer Rich Whittington complaining the cage dancer on the other side of the arena was hotter than the one in front of us.

In regards to mock NFL Draft’s: I love them. I’m thinking about posting one of my own.

In regards to Jenny: I got your number; 867-5309…right?

The Dude abides…


Job 2:9-10

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