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Norwalk's Dillon Faamatau receives two offers

Norwalk’s Dillon Faamatau receives two offers

“Now the man in the back
Is ready to crack as he raises his hands to the sky
And the girl in the corner is everyone’s mourner
She could kill you with a wink of her eye…”—Sweet

Kick it!

Chuck Piper, Bill Davis, Bob Hitchcock, Don Swanson, Jim Walker, Gabe Soumakian, Mike DiFiori, Mike Mooney, Randy Backus, Anthony White, Mike McFarland, and…

…Rob Castaneda.

Temple City has chosen Castaneda, who met the team today at lunch, as its new head football coach. He went 13-17 the last three seasons in leading Ribet Academy. In 2012 the Fighting Frogs (yeah, that was the team name) made the playoffs for the first time since 2005, finished 9-2 and were the Arrowhead League champs. The small school has dropped football for the coming season.

As of now Castaneda will serve as a walk-on head coach and will be aided by his two sons. Tim Castaneda, an offensive line coach, and former Los Altos quarterback Matt Castaneda, who was the offensive coordinator and Athletic Director at Ribet. Long time Temple City assistant Riley Saxon will also be on the staff.

Plan B for Phil Jackson and the New York Knicks is to go back in time and find a young Michael Jordan. That’s how the Zen Master built his first and second dynasty, I’m sure it will work out…Then again, I don’t think it was the Zen Master who built those dynasties.

Note to Burbank HC Richard Broussard: What did you think of Sharkey’s Bistro?

NorRock “Bad Dude” Dillon Faamatau has been offered by Washington State and Utah. Teammate Rodrigo Sanchez is receiving significant interest.

In response to yesterday’s column we’ve been informed Nico Hillier is slated to be the starting quarterback for Arcadia. At 6-1, 170, he might be a little short when measured against previous Apache signal callers. Of course if he was the quarterback at Temple City he’d be in violation of state and federal law decreeing all Rams quarterbacks being 5-9 or shorter.

Under The Big Top: Peter King reports the St. Louis Rams were unaware Michael Sam made a documentary deal with Oprah Winfrey and her television network. Other reports indicate the kiss and cake scene were staged and Oprah was in the room with her film crew.

Last Add NorRock: Linebacker Aaron Armendarez, 139 tackles and two interceptions in 2013, will play at La Verne this season.

Former South Pasadena quarterback Conor Bednarski, a redshirt junior at Stony Brook, started and played most of the spring game. A permanent starter has not been named for the school, but this is a good sign for the former Tiger. Stony Brook is located on Long Island in New York.

Former South Pas QB Conor Bednarski is making noise at Stony Brook.

Former South Pas QB Conor Bednarski is making noise at Stony Brook.

First Add Hall of Fame Game: If you have a scholarship to play at the next level, no matter how small the school, you shouldn’t be playing in this exhibition.

Oh, I’ve always been a L.A. Kings fan! They’re going to win game seven. You heard it hear first…and you heard it hear last if they don’t.

Opinions to baseball fans are like elbows, everybody has at least two. Why with all the inning and pitch counts are so many Tommy John injury/surgeries occurring. I’m curious…I really want to know. Somebody must have a thought on this.

Really Last Add Norwalk: St. John Bosco? Really?

If the divisional realignment proposal we saw goes through, and if Mid Valley Sports does what it has done with every change since 2007…(cough) Then we would expand (heavy cough) to four divisions, 22 leagues, and (at least) 131 teams this fall. That kind of overwork might cause us to need Tommy John surgery.

Last Add Temple City: Castaneda’s first order of business should be to make sure the re-leaguing proposal floating around that has the Rio Hondo going to the Central Division dies a quick death. Otherwise he was just made captain of the Titanic…after it hit the iceberg.

***Crescenta Valley Passing Tourney, 4:PM, Friday at CV
***East-West Hall of Fame game, 7:PM, Friday at West Covina High School
***Charter Oak Passing Tourney, Saturday morning at Charter Oak High School
***Crescenta Valley Passing Tourney continues Saturday

Really Last Add Arcadia: It looks like they’ve got some bubba material coming back into the trenches.

Did you know the NBA constitution has distinctions between “conduct” and “statement”? A “conduct” violation gives the NBA Commissioner more power than “statement” does…But what Donald Sterling did, and will argue, falls under “statement”…If you think this Sterling/Clippers/NBA thing is bad now, I have a feeling it is going to get a whole lot uglier.


In regards to “Survivor”: A great season, but it lacks great players. Tony voted out his Rudy last night. Didn’t make sense. And Kass will never be confused with class.
In regards to Oakland Raiders Draft: The more you look at it, the more you have to like it.
In regards to Matt Castaneda: He quarterbacked Greg Gano’s last playoff team at Los Altos in 2006 and helped advance them to the semifinals. Castaneda threw 45 touchdown passes in his prep career, and played at Whittier College.
In regards to USC’s Dion Bailey: I don’t know if he can really be part of the Legion of Boom, but he’s the kind of player the Seattle Seahawks get a lot of mileage out of.
In regards to Alejandro Villanueva: He’s a West Point grad, Army Ranger, Bronze Star awarded wide receiver signed by the Philadelphia Eagles before the draft. Villanueva graduated in 2009 and spent the last four years serving in the United States Army, including tours in Afghanistan.

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