The Peterson Principle: 6/15/2015

Tim Peterson

Tim Peterson

By Tim Peterson

I don’t think Roddy Hiatt’s race will have any bearing on how successful he is at El Rancho, although some of our readers sure seem to think so.

Hiatt is white but it wouldn’t matter if he was black, brown, yellow purple or green. He has a ton of experience and will have no problem relating to the kids. He’s been at El Rancho before and has been around the block more than a few times. Hiatt has probably forgotten more about football than all of us combined will ever know. Race? Not an issue. However I do wonder about the future at ER.

Hiatt, at 63, is obviously not a long term solution. He could be one and done or at the most go 2-3 years. But then the Dons are left in the exact same position as they were now.

Eric Yost was on Vinnie Lopez’ staff last year. He is a teacher on campus and he was already the interim coach. He knows the kids and knows Lopez’ system. Sure he might stay on Hiatt’s staff and then take over when Hiatt steps down, but why not just hire him now and move forward? Why delay the process a few years?

Also if that’s the plan El Rancho is taking a chance that Yost will still be around when the time comes. I’m sure he has already had inquiries as to his availability, I know I have, and I’m sure he is considering them as I write this.

El Rancho will be fine…for now. But will the Dons be ok in 2017?


Still nothing new to report out of Temple City. What’s the over-under on the Rams having a head coach in place by the Fourth of July?


Mike Moschetti takes a lot of heat for playoff losses in recent years but there’s no disputing the fact that the name “La Mirada” goes a long way in getting kids to the next level. Moschetti and his staff are second to none when it comes to promoting their players. Keanu Saleapaga played at Gahr two years ago and at Long Beach Cabrillo last year and had zero offers. Since coming to La Mirada in January, he has received eight offers including PAC 12 schools Arizona and Arizona State before deciding on USC last Saturday. I still believe that if you’re good enough, they’ll find you but If you’re at La Mirada it sure does speed up the process.


Nice to see former South Hills receiver Ify Umodu sign a three-year contract with the Chicago Bears. Umodu went undrafted out of Northern Arizona and tried out with the Bears in May. Usually you’ll see undrafted players get a one-year deal but Umodu impressed enough to get three. Must be that Huskie blood.

That’s my principle.

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