The TEN: 5/12/2017

THE TEN (NEW)(“The TEN” is not a top ten but ten items worth being included in “The TEN”)

1.) The Los Angeles Dodgers move Andre Ethier to 60-Day Disabled List with a back injury. Ethier, slated to make $17.5-million this season and next, can be bought out in 2018 for $2.5-million.

2.) “Breaking news!! John Strickland, former Asst. Charter Oak, Covina, and SD is awaiting board approval at SG. He’ll bring a wealth of knowledge and a few rings with him. Our kids are in good hands!”—MVS commenter “G”

3.) Eight years ago tonight on “The Mid Valley Sports Show” football coaches Antyone Sims and Wardell Crutchfield were in studio.

4.) “Whats chino going to do now? They have nobody to hire. No one wants that job.”—MVS commenter “GOODstuff”

5.) “If you cross Larry Bird with Lurch, you get a Dirk Nowitzki…”—MVS staffer Joe Torosian

6.) On this date in 2010, 77-Days after Anthony White left for Buena Park, Temple City offered former Pasadena HC Mike McFarland and he accepted…Nothing became official for another two weeks—which means he couldn’t coach—until the board gave its approval on May 26th.

7.) On this date in 2011 former San Gabriel WR, Andres Fernandez confirmed that he was going to play college football at LaVerne…Fernandez now plays professional football in Hungary.

8.) Current Dodgers Disabled List Roster:
Andre Ethier, Logan Forsythe, Yimi Garcia, Adrian Gonzalez, Rich Hill, Scott Kazmir, Adam Liberatore, Kenta Maeda, Brendan McCarthy, Rob Segedin, Brock Steward and Andrew Toles.

9.) posted its mock draft on May 9th. Of the 30 projected first round picks 12 of the first 13 were freshman. The other was an international player. Only two seniors were projected to go in the first round. Of the 60 projected first & second round picks, only 12 were seniors.

10.) ”We have the 28th pick. Always trades can be made. We do have cap space as well, so we can sign a free agent if we wanted to. But I’m really looking to keep the cap space we have and really try to play into next year’s free agent class and not really this free agent class.”—Magic Johnson on plans for the Lakers—The Lakers also own the third pick in the draft.

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  1. Muir's Gravatar Muir
    May 13, 2017 - 2:11 pm | Permalink

    Mid valley needs a union show with coach sims and Wardell. Must see tv!

  2. ?'s Gravatar ?
    May 12, 2017 - 12:12 pm | Permalink

    WHY? Nothing on all-star game Saturday? Who didn’t pay up?
    From T. Peterson: I’ve mentioned it a few times and we’ll cover the game. It’s Saturday night. Not sure what you mean about nothing on it.

  3. May 12, 2017 - 11:39 am | Permalink

    This is the South roster for the North South All Star Game.
    1 Preciado Ramon Montebello WR 5’9″ 160
    2 Butler Raylind Norwalk DB 5’8″ 160
    3 Huerta Gabriel El Rancho WR 5’9″ 160
    4 Salcido Dylan Whittier DB 5’10” 175
    5 Chavez Anthony Los Altos DB 5’11” 175
    6 Camargo Andrew Bishop Amat FS 5’7″ 170
    7 Garcia James El Rancho LB 6′ 170
    8 Chavez Saul El Monte DB 5’8″ 160
    9 Thomas Jordan Norwalk DL 6’3″ 255
    10 Garcia Isaiah Montebello WR 5’10” 155
    11 Osorio Steven La Serna DL 6’2″ 190
    12 Ramsey Chris Santa Fe QB 6′ 180
    14 Mosquedo John Ganesha QB 5’11” 180
    18 Williams Lorenzo Nogales WR 6’2″ 210
    20 Romero Arthur Bosco Tech WR 5’9″ 155
    21 Gonzalez Nicholas Los Altos LB 5’11” 235
    22 Garcia Manuel Schurr RB 6’2″ 220
    23 Jimenez Jordan El Rancho OLB 5’10” 160
    26 Jimenez Brandon La Serna RB 5’7″ 170
    29 Manuele Andrew Los Altos DL/TE 6’3″ 210
    30 Buenahad Fernando Santa Fe K 6’1″ 160
    32 Salcedo Michael Los Altos LB 5’8″ 190
    34 Morales Dominic La Serna LB 5’10” 205
    41 Kleven Matthew California LB 6’1″ 205
    44 Olguin Jonathan Montebello MLB 5’11” 245
    45 Silva Vincent South El Monte OL 6’1″ 230
    50 Perez Austin Norwalk MLB 5’7″ 215
    52 Espinosa Luke Bishop Amat C 5’10” 255
    55 Ruano Randy Mountain View OL 5’7″ 265
    56 Murillo Guillermo Garey OL 5’10” 300
    60 Ramirez Gustavo Bassett OL 5’10” 285
    65 Salas Abraham Whittier OL 6′ 250
    66 Donis Daniel Schurr DT 5’6″ 230
    70 Rodriguez Robert Norwalk DT 5’11” 255
    76 Gonzalez Omar California OL 6’1″ 270
    77 Martinez Matthew Whittier G 5’11” 290
    78 Chavez Daniel Whittier G 5’11” 370
    80 Davison Xavier California DE 6’2″ 220
    82 Cruz Daniel La Serna WR 6′ 165
    90 Sanchez Alex Bishop Amat DL 5’11” 235
    94 Lopez Aaron El Rancho DL 5’9″ 235

    South South South

    Medrano Adrian El Rancho Head Coach
    Setlich Greg El Rancho Defensive Coordinator
    Ledesma Joe El Rancho Offensive Coordinator
    Garcia Gabriel El Rancho Offensive Line
    Carrion Pete El Rancho Defensive Line
    Panattoni Jody Don Lugo Defensive Line
    Gonzalez Tony El Rancho Running Backs
    Warhurst Grant Downey Linebackers
    Perea Joshua El Rancho Slot Receivers
    Ruiz Jonathan El Rancho Safeties
    Montes Matthew El Rancho Wide Riceivers
    Torres Raymond El Rancho

  4. 10's Gravatar 10
    May 12, 2017 - 9:50 am | Permalink

    Translation: it will be at least THREE YEARS before the Lakers put anything on the court that is remotely watchable.

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