The Peterson Principle: 4/24/2018

Tim Peterson

By Tim Peterson

Everybody’s returning to their roots. Josh Knight is back at Baldwin Park, Travis Brown has returned to Los Altos and Riley Saxon came back as the HC at Temple City last year. Now If I can just get Singiser out at Arroyo I can make my coaching debut at the old alma mater.

No, C.J. Martinez wasn’t the name I was hearing for Cantwell. Truth is, I don’t know C.J. Martinez from J.D. Martinez. Who was I hearing? Y0u know the usual suspects – Jude Oliva, Pete Gonzalez, Hector Spathias, etc. Isn’t Oliva mentioned every time there’s a head coaching opening? And isn’t Gonzalez mentioned every time there’s an opening at Cantwell? Spathias? Well I didn’t really hear him mentioned as a serious candidate for Cantwell but with him being ousted as the Conquerors HC his name will be thrown around early and often now.

What’s his latest destination? What’s the hot stove rumor for Spathias? Bassett.

Speaking of Jim Singiser it doesn’t look like I’ll be wearing the headset for the Knights anytime soon. He’s not going anywhere. He’s back from surgery and already out on the field. “1st full day back with the team. Had a blast. We improved a lot. Found some depth. Great day! And man am I paying for it. The mind was willing, the body, not so much. Gotta call my doc and ask him if he left a scalpel inside me by mistake. I’m hurting. Nap time!” Singiser tweeted last Saturday.

Speaking of ex Los Altos head coaches Dale Ziola is in the mix for the head coaching job at Nogales. It wouldn’t be a bad gig. The Nobles are back on the map after going 10-2 last year and falling to Silver Valley in the second round of the Division 13 playoffs.  It used to be when you thought of Nogales you thought rebuilding project. But Richard Salazar did a solid job of establishing a winning culture before bolting for greener pastures. Ziola, who took the Conquerors to the CIF Finals twice only to fall short, could get the Nobles over the hump.

“I have to be offered the job before I could take the job, and that has not happened,” Ziola said Monday night.

Northview has already found a new offensive coordinator. Anthony Silva, who has been on Marcel Perez’ staff for the last four years, and was in the box with former OC Chris Williams, will take over as the new OC. Silva also served as Steven Comstock’s quarterback coach. Brown was signed, sealed and delivered as OC before deciding to take over at his alma mater. Brown was tabbed to replace Chris Williams who left to take the HC job at Monrovia, but now Silva will step in.

Couple of scheduling notes: The Hall of Fame Game, originally scheduled for Los Altos, will take place Friday night, May 11 at Schurr. The Schurr coaching staff – David Ramos, Eric Elias, Jude Oliva, Carlos Arredondo and company will coach the South squad. Adam Colman of Burbank will be the HC for the North.

The Charter Oak passing Tournament is set for Saturday May 19.


Why doesn’t Cleveland take Saquon Barkley with the number one pick? By all of the “experts” accounts, there’s not much of a separation between the top three quarterbacks listed and the Browns can still get a quarterback at number four. Can you imagine getting Barkley and Sam Darnold? Or Josh Rosen? Or Josh Allen? It’s a win, win.


All year I’ve been bored to tears with the NBA but now I admit I’m all in on the playoffs. Anybody up for a Pelicans- Sixers finals? I don’t know if LeBron James will end up in LA but there’s one place he won’t be – Cleveland.


NHL Playoffs? Nah! I went down with the Kings.


Remember when the Angels were red hot and the Dodgers were the scrubs of the league? Going into Tuesday night’s action the Dodgers have lost…wait for it…two more games than the Angels. That being said I’m still not convinced that Kenley Jansen is okay…


Back to high school football for one last thing: Keith Richardson is out at Pomona. He’s been out. But who’s in? Anybody know?

That’s my principle.

Tim can be reached at or on Twitter @tspeterson40

22 Comments to "The Peterson Principle: 4/24/2018"

  1. ER's Gravatar ER
    May 5, 2018 - 11:57 pm | Permalink

    BG is the future of the almont and this is coming from a parent at ER who’s kids beat BG on all 3 levels in 2017.

  2. BG's Gravatar BG
    May 5, 2018 - 1:30 am | Permalink

    Amen we had to love through the Ramos era it was hell never can win in the playoffs except one year semis vs walnut.

  3. BG's Gravatar BG
    May 4, 2018 - 12:48 pm | Permalink

    Did you see the lower level games last year?and yes BG has the athlete and more than one. We will be ok this year just be ready for a fun game this year

  4. No Horse in the Game's Gravatar No Horse in the Game
    May 3, 2018 - 8:42 am | Permalink

    The problem with Schurr/Ramos/Elias/Oliva is the lack of playoff success. At every school they have coached they set records and get all sorts of publicity but when the playoffs start they go missing. Ist Round losses and Quarterfinal losses all over the place. At some point you have to put up or shut up, they recruit or they don’t recruit in the long run it doesn’t matter because they haven’t done much when it matters. There is a great line from the game of golf “Drive for show and put for dough” and up to this point the Schurr staff can drive the hell out of the ball but when it comes down to “putting” they rim the cup every year.

  5. Just a point's Gravatar Just a point
    May 2, 2018 - 11:05 am | Permalink

    ER has been washed up….. like washed and gone.
    BG needs an athlete just one. They can’t do the whole La Serna thing Beltran has as their head coach. Trust me MTB and Schurr have more than enough to beat BG. Let’s just hope BG can keep Schurr from blowing them out again.

  6. TheRanch18's Gravatar TheRanch18
    May 1, 2018 - 9:09 am | Permalink

    lol…. WOW this was an interesting read,

    my 2cents,
    1.if a kid wants to leave let him leave! you sound like a desperate ex gf by calling cif to complain
    2. if you dont want your kids to train with anyone else… THEN GET YOURSELF out and train your kids!
    3. my boy was part of Team AIR Raid and ill be the first to tell you, they did that team for the kids … not to recruit… the kids wanted to play and compete and THOSE coaches stepped up to the plate and gave them the opportunity. NO ONE EVEN TRIED TO RECRUIT.
    4. REMEMBER, its not like old times… kids from ER and SF or BG .. MTb and BG know each other have respect for each other on and OFF the field…. you have to understand this social media era is WAY diff from before! kids dont even hate on each other as much as parents & fans do.
    5. MONTEBELLO should be the last school to cry about recruiting when everyone knew what they were doing and didnt complain… .
    6. MTB did Krod dirty!!! you want to sit here and tell me how you shouldnt hold a kids hand bc there 18? or is it bc he wasnt needed anymore & you dumped him!!!!!!!! recruit all you want idgaf, but when you enable a child and build this character…. when you deal with it only bc hes still eligible to play or for your convenience and then dump him like yesterdays garbage bc hes a senior and no good to your program anymore…. that is pathetic!!!!! and MTB your not alone, this happens alot in many schools…. but dont try and act all holy and honest
    7. MTB and Schurr is washed up!!!!!!!! did you guys not see the underclassmen games??? BG is taking over Almont league and it starts this year.

  7. Bring on the football season's Gravatar Bring on the football season
    April 27, 2018 - 9:35 pm | Permalink

    Yeah Bassett! Someone in the saddle. Now if Nogales can get it together. Salazar moved to Fullerton over 6 weeks ago, and admin are still sitting on their thumbs. It’s almost May for crying out load! Looks like they are about to let the prior regime’s hard work go don the toilet, and it’s back to the dark ages for the Nobles… what a shame.

  8. Broken wing's Gravatar Broken wing
    April 27, 2018 - 1:05 pm | Permalink

    @ loyalty, stop fooling yourself and stay in that bad marriage your in though we all know the truth and who you are. Why you hating? You teach your kid and let us teach ours. We wish you no harm and we expect the same. Stay loyal if that is what you call it and let us make our own path. And to say this is the first time things go bad is a huge understatement . You must be new to this blog. Either way, stop hating and worry about your own kid. I’m sure he will have agreat season!

  9. Loyalty:'s Gravatar Loyalty:
    April 27, 2018 - 8:32 am | Permalink

    @Broken Wing
    As a Catholic are we not to teach right from wrong? Your mad and calling Rules a bad catholic because he is trying to instill loyalty to his son? Staying and not making a rightfully wrong decision actually makes him a good practicing Catholic. What are you teaching your son? The first time things go bad or sour for you just leave? Pretty sure his marriage won’t last long? The reality about these so called traveling teams is that the reason the MD, St John’s, Cathedral’s get away with it, is because their coaches do not coach these teams. They are coached by outside sources or private instructors. So in hind sight they are following the rules with obvious underlining intentions. So as long as this particular team is not being coached by Schurr coaches it doesn’t really matter. The only rule in place is these teams can be coached be their coaches but no one can follow them. Or you get outside sources to coach the team. Just like Cathedral does and they find a way to pay these outside sources.

  10. The Fan's Gravatar The Fan
    April 27, 2018 - 1:11 am | Permalink

    @ the oiler faithful…you remind me of that song by Destiny’child-“cater 2 u” (see lyrics) -“let me help you take off your shoes, untie your shoestrings, take off your cufflinks, what you want to eat boo…I’ll do whatever you want, let me cater to you!” Lol…that’s why kids stay @ mtb and don’t transfer out. My son played with the same boys and same friends @ mtb still to this day. If this was ncaa mtb would be banned from a bowl game for violations due to players receiving gifts and benefits…

  11. Areafan's Gravatar Areafan
    April 26, 2018 - 11:01 pm | Permalink

    That’s just reality, if I’m a recruiter I’m not going to El Rancho vs BG, or Schurr vs MHS you won’t find more then maybe 1 kid every 5 years that can possible be a walk on at a D-1 school. At the same time the majority of the kids ER, BG, Montebello, Schurr and the surrounding schools get can go to Amat but they aren’t going to do much either, why? Because 99% aren’t Aaron Maldonado mixed race monsters so they will ride the pine. let’s stop comparing the teams around here on who has sent kids to colleges because that’s not what happens around here, we have to be real. Let’s compare programs based on consistency, Schurr had 1 under achieving year with their best class ever, 1 year isn’t enough to gauge the health of a program, still early. Medrano at ER had 1 over achieving year in 2016 and an under achieving year in 2017 both with mediocre classes, this will be an important year but the program is early on also. Montebello was a 4 time league champ and very well could have won again last year, Pete has had a consistent program there, you can’t deny it. BG still early on with 1 bad year and 1 decent year, big year for Beltran also. Bottom line, no one is dominating in this area right now, it’s been mediocre at best. I hate to say it because I’m not an Oiler fan but yes Montebello has been the most consistent program the last few years around here.

  12. Gezzzzz's Gravatar Gezzzzz
    April 26, 2018 - 10:31 pm | Permalink

    @losers now and forever
    Oooops! Did I just say that. Kids can anywhere they want…. leave Schurr and play for te mighty oilers winners of the Blog talk and hardware. You won’t be making league champs shirts anytime soon.

  13. sgv's Gravatar sgv
    April 26, 2018 - 6:47 pm | Permalink

    “College recruiters looking for Blacks, Whites and Pacific Islanders primarily” so says FBFan. What a crock. First off inter marriage has left most 2nd and 3rd generation latino boys and girls with glistening light brown hair and golden skin. They have names like Lopez, Garcia, Jones and Washington.And there are plenty of these types littering the NFL past and present. Just ask Jim Plunket or Garcia that red headed QB from the 49ers. The point in reality is genetics of the latino male with latino parents. Same as with Asian boys with asian parents. Small genetic makeup means shorter legs, smaller torso, shorter arms. Not qualities for D1 football. If you are a college recruiter with limited time and expense money where are you gonna go? El Rancho vs Bell Gardens or down the road and watch Amat play Mission Viejo. Its genetics and logistics not racism.

  14. April 26, 2018 - 5:00 pm | Permalink

    Also, btw I’ve seen in the last ten years plenty of Hispanic athletes that were better football players than others but just because the last name is Hernandez or Torres he’s passed over for Smiths and Johnson’s… sad but true! So many Hispanic athletes have to go the JC route and still deal with the biased perspective there. Hopefully that will all change soon

  15. April 26, 2018 - 4:49 pm | Permalink

    You make very valid points. College recruiters are a bit biased in that they often dismiss Latinos and Asians. But if we as Latinos and Asians didn’t keep playing the sports or putting out film and trying to get to the elite levels then that will change. So while you are correct it’s very important for these kids to keep trying. Keep banging on that door until it’s open.

  16. US fan's Gravatar US fan
    April 26, 2018 - 1:53 pm | Permalink

    FBFan has silenced the bickering

  17. Anonymous's Gravatar Anonymous
    April 26, 2018 - 1:41 pm | Permalink

    George Lopez voice, why you crying?

  18. April 26, 2018 - 1:38 pm | Permalink

    This is great!

  19. Broken wing's Gravatar Broken wing
    April 26, 2018 - 1:33 pm | Permalink

    @rulesarerules, so what you are saying is kids should stick around so your kid is not lonely at school? If he was a true brother he would want what is best for what his brother think is best for himself but rather you are asking someone else to make a call to try and get the kid suspended. Real Catholic of you. Love unconditionally if you consider them a brother. You probably part of the reason they thinking about leaving.

  20. Anonymous's Gravatar Anonymous
    April 26, 2018 - 1:30 pm | Permalink

    who are the other finalists for th noglaes job? that’s a good gem in the valley to get

  21. Just a parent's Gravatar Just a parent
    April 26, 2018 - 1:19 pm | Permalink

    Amazing the hate all you have with these kids thinking about moving or have moved schools FOR WHATEVER REASON. When they come to your school no one cares about the school they left. MHS would be nowhere these last couple of years if not for transfers. And as 4 CSHM, the transfers that came over last year were your whole team. How quickly we forget about the schools they left. Stop hating EVERYONE on these kids and let them chase whatever dream they have. Do more at your school and maybe you won’t lose them. How else are the SJBs and MDs of our world going to field a team.

  22. Oilers now and forever:'s Gravatar Oilers now and forever:
    April 26, 2018 - 12:39 pm | Permalink

    You guys are funny. Calling out our coach. Where does he go to recruit? No one from Montebello is on this blog talking about our new transfers and how we are out reloading. You guys are the ones talking about reloading with all your new players. Coach G has been committed to building within his program. He cares about the frosh team as much as JV and Varsity. My son played there a year ago. He almost went to Schurr but we chose Mtb. Best decision we made. He has since graduated and is going to college. My son played for the Mtb Indians. He played with the same guys who go to Schurr. What I always found crazy is how many players transferred from Schurr to Montebello in his 4 years. We are talking double digits and I can name them. So my question is if its so great at Schurr why do players leave and come to MTB? During his 4 years do you know how many players from Mtb transferred to Schurr? ZERO yes zero. And I dare you to name 1. You can’t! You guys always claim he recruits and gets all these transfers???? Other than the past 2 QBs please name another player other than from Schurr?? Who needs to recruit when you get 3-4 kids a year from Schurr. Yes the QB before from 3 years ago was a relative of Coach G and he played for the Pico Dons. He also went to 2 other high schools before ending up at Mtb. You mention Vital his father is a Montebello graduate. But Vital went to 2 different high schools before ending up at Montebello? How is that recruiting. He actually went to Schurr first. Why didnt he stay? Yes Tapia is a outside transfer. But his dad, mom, uncle and grandfather all went to MTB? again you guys are funny. Someone from Schurr please enlighten me on why MTB has had 10 transfers from Schurr and Schurr has none from MTB? Ya things must be pretty bad at MTB that’s why they stay? lol

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