The TEN: 7/31/2019

(“The TEN” is not a top ten but ten items worth being included in “The TEN”)

1. As of today the USC depth chart at quarterback is JT Daniels, Jack Sears, Matt Fink.

2. Matt Fink, the former Glendora Tartan, entered the transfer portal in April and was seriously considering going to Illinois but after some soul searching he announced in June that he was staying at USC.

3. Portland Trailblazers guard CJ McCollum has agreed to a three-year, $100 million contract extension.

4. The Philadelphia Phillies acquired left-hander Jason Vargas from the New York Mets.

5. The Cleveland Indians traded right-hander Trevor Bauer to the Cincinnati Reds for outfielder Yasiel Puig in a three-team deal that also included the San Diego Padres.

6. Miami vs. Florida, Thursday August 24, 4:00 p.m. at Camping World Stadium, Orlando Florida – ESPN.

7. Denver Broncos vs. Atlanta Falcons, Thursday August 1, 5:00 p.m. at Hall of Fame Stadium, Canton, Ohio- NBC.

8. Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban turns 61 today.

9. On this day in 1981 the MLB players ended their strike after 42 days, which caused the cancellation of 713 games.

10. “I think one of the biggest curses in the U.S. is that we have only two political parties.”- Mark Cuban.

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  1. My Two Cents's Gravatar My Two Cents
    August 1, 2019 - 11:41 am | Permalink

    As much as I like Mark Cuban I would have to disagree with his statement. So many countries have only one political party, they are truly cursed. Even though the Democrats and Republicans are the two most popular parties, we also have hundreds of lesser known parties and not to mention a candidate could always run for office as an independent without any party affiliation.

  2. Correction's Gravatar Correction
    July 31, 2019 - 9:34 am | Permalink

    It doesn’t matter how many political parties you have if all the candidates are bought and paid for by the deep state lobbyists. You’d think money-bags Cuban would know that better than anyone.

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