The Peterson Principle: 1/2/2021

By Tim Peterson

“Firing Tom Herman and replacing him with Steve Sarkisian is like taking out your Creed CD and putting in Nickelback.” – Ed Orgeron on Twitter.

Isn’t Steve Sarkisian and Tom Herman the same guy? Herman had some success at Houston and turned that into a big contract at Texas. Now four years later and a pedestrian record, 32-18 through four years, he is fired. 

Sarkisian had some success as a USC assistant/offensive coordinator and as the head coach at Washington before failing as the Trojans head coach. Then he bounced around and landed at Alabama as OC. He had success there, but doesn’t every assistant at Alabama? And now Texas brings him in as Head Coach. 

Anther Twitter post compared the hiring to driving past the parking lot at Chilis and then pulling into Applebee’s. If you’re going to fire Herman you need to make a big splash. After all they have to pay Herman over $15 million to cover the final three years of his contract. A huge upgrade was needed, expected. If you’re going to hire Sarkisian, heck just keep Herman. Last I checked Texas was routing Colorado 55-23 in the Alamo Bowl. 

Apparently Urban Meyer wasn’t interested. Ok, got it. Then just keep Herman. Some guys are solid assistants but they aren’t head coaches. Sarkisian fits that mold. He might win as many games as Herman but the Longhorns already had that guy. Where’s the upgrade?

Texas, like USC, expects to play for championships, not Alamo Bowl victories. So maybe Herman wasn’t that guy. Sorry, but neither is Sarkisian. Congrats Texas, you just hired the same guy. 

And Clay Helton is still employed…

I nailed the Alabama game but missed it badly on the Clemson catastrophe. 28 points should have been enough to win. I didn’t see Justin Fields dropping nearly 50 on the Clemson defense. At least Dabo Swinney knows what to recruit for next year. The secondary was a sieve. 

Fields looked good but it didn’t hurt to have Trey Sermon run for close to 200 yards. Swinney might need some help up front as well. Ohio State will find the sledding a little tougher when Alabama is on the other side. 

Trevor Lawrence may feel lucky that he’s not going to the Jets, but the Jets don’t need him anyway. They have a quarterback in Sam Darnold. He’s not the problem. They have several holes to fill. They should trade the second pick for draft choices. As for the Jaguars, don’t let this game deter you. Take Lawrence and build around him. Gardner Misnhew and Mike Glennon aren’t the answer. 

Lost among the 21 point rout was that Lawrence threw for 400 yards.    

Devonta Smith should win the Heisman…that dude tilts the field. 

Is it time for the Bryce Young era to begin at Alabama? 

Final note on Herman/Sarkisian: If the Trojans do dismiss Helton would they consider bringing in Herman as head coach? “Never happen!” say Trojans fans. You sure?  They brought in Sarkisian didn’t they? 

That’s my principle. 

Tim can be reached at or on Twittter @tspeterson40.  

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  1. Anonymous's Gravatar Anonymous
    January 5, 2021 - 9:40 pm | Permalink

    “Cheat Carroll” went to two SBs and won one after SC. The guys a helluva coach.

  2. annoymous's Gravatar annoymous
    January 3, 2021 - 8:04 pm | Permalink

    Sarkesian Learned from The Best Cheat Carrol at SC. Cheat On.

  3. ?'s Gravatar ?
    January 3, 2021 - 4:08 pm | Permalink

    My suggestion is that as soon as the offense gets the ball PUNT. Don’t wait. The Rams best chance to score is when the defense is on the field.

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