Fanview Lite: June 9, 2010

"We lost MacMillan..."

T-Minus-92 Days until “The Mid Valley Classic”

Good Morning!

Note to Bill Zernickow: San Dimas Saints karma has been logged and confirmed!

Derek Fisher’s drive, subsequent three-point play, and smashing to the floor by three Celtic defenders last night is the second greatest play I’ve seen in a Lakers-Celtic Finals.

The first? Magic, ‘Baby Sky Hook’, game four in the 1987 series.

Arcadia’s Jon Dimalante was great last night…Didn’t know he was a cornerback or the head guy at Serra for a year.

Strasburg, Strasburg, Strasburg? No, I didn’t listen to him last night, but I’ve always enjoyed his Fifth Symphony. You know, the one he wrote in the summer of 1788 while living in Tuscany.

PSA: “While we do not believe in a spiritual karma, we do wholly subscribe to a sports karma at The Mid.”— Which means if you pass on some sweet looking gear, good things are going to happen for your program in the upcoming season.

Temple City football will miss the Copping Twins next season, as they focus on baseball heading in their junior year.

Calvin Copping, at 6’1”, was too tall to play quarterback at TC anyways. Don’t the Rams need special permission from the Governor to field a starting QB over 5‘10”?

The Smooch of Death!

Mid Valley Staffer Josh “Omelette” Ouellette is talking to Bad News Barker and myself before the show and asks; “Are you going to talk about the Dodgers?”

At which point Villathedevil sticks his snout into it and responds: “Dodgers? The Angels are in first place!”

Well, think again Longshanks. I’m happy to report the Angels WERE in first place before losing to the Oakland A’s on Tuesday night, while the Dodgers are now in first place thanks to Manny Ramirez’s plating of Rafael Furcal with ground-rule-double in the eighth against the Cardinals.

Note to Villathedevil: As Vice Principal Vernon used to say, “You mess with the bull you get the horns.”

Spoke with Bassett Athletic Director William Baca and he shared about former Olympian football coach Craig Cieslek’s resignation last Thursday. Cieslek, coming in from Riverside everyday, said the drive was tougher for him than he first thought it would be and figured it would only get tougher the further they got into the season.

Aubrey Duncan has been hired as the new Bassett football HC.

Asked a couple of alums what they thought of the Pac 10 offer to the six Big 12 schools to join the conference.

Oregon State’s Mike Maggiore said; “I like tradition and I want the PAC 10 to stay where it is at. There needs to be no changes or addtitions to the current 10. I know it is a money thing but I am opposed.”

UCLA’s Brian Tabatabai said; “It’s a great move. It will keep the conference relevant, and will mean big money for the schools. I think many people fail to realize that much of the revenue generated has a great impact on the education the general student body has access to. As far as football, it will put the Pac 10 on par with the SEC and will set the stage for some great championship games.”

Last Add Fisher: Who was the guy at The Mid around this time last year saying Fisher should retire? Oh yeah….me.

Come on? Like you’ve never made a bad call when it comes to sports?

Last Add Dimalante: One of the names constantly being heard from Dimalante, his staff, and seen with our own eyes is linebacker A.J. Rail. This guy is ready to have a big year.

Am I wrong or is the Mid-Valley Division getting more than a little worried about Schurr?

I haven’t seen Spartan alum Bad News Barker this giddy since he ran into Reggie Miller at a gas station off the 60-Freeway back in the day.

Have heard nothing from San Gabriel HC Jude Oliva about my series at quarterback in the Matador alumni game this week.

Arroyo, on the other hand, I have heard from. The Knights are getting ready for a road trip to Las Vegas this weekend where they will participate in a passing tourney.

For some reason I get this feeling His Arroyo Baldness, who I’m going to try to work for a free lunch on Monday, is going to call me somewhere along the way.

“Coach, what’s up? We still on for Monday?”

“Yeah, well that’s not going to happen.”

“Dude, what’s going on?”

“We blanked-up, we lost MacMillan.”

Stay thirsty my friends…


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